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Throwing the perfect party isn’t always as easy as it seems. Indeed, many critical tasks will need your attention over an extended period. The good news is you can find some great suggestions that will help you perfect your party-planning technique in the post below. Read on to find out what they are. 

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Step One – Inspiration 

Whatever you do, do not skip the inspiration stage when planning a party. Yes, it can be tempting to jump right into the planning stage and start pinning down what you want, but it’s this very first stage that will help you be able to do that effectively. 

One of the best places to go for inspiration for parties is Pinterest. There you will find plenty of great suggestions for themes, decorations, food and drinks. You can even create your very own mood board that will guide your planning choices. 

Step Two – Planning 

The next stage is all about planning your party in detail. A smart way to go about this is to first plan a schedule of the event with a start and finish time, and then list everything that will happen in between. Then you can look at the supplies and resources you will need for each stage. 

Your party planning should include things like menus, and drink lists, as well as decorations and entertainments. The more detail you can get sorted now, the easier the rest of the stages will be later. 

It also makes sense to make sure you plan for contingencies during this stage. For example, having a contingency plan means that if you are planning an alfresco party, you know what you will do if rain is predicted.  

Step Three – Book your venue and send out invites 

Once you have done your basic planning and inspiration it’s time to book a venue and send out invites. You must do this well in advance of your celebration because venues and people can get booked up pretty quickly, which means you could end up with a flop on your hands. 

Be sure to ask for RSVPs from your guests so you know how many you will need to cater for. Also, send your invites out at least three months in advance to maximise the number of people that will be able to come. 

Step Four – Order the food 

Once you have a date for your party, you can get going with ordering the food you will have. If you are having a catered party this means finding a caterer, reserving them for the date in question, and tasting the food. Indeed, you should always make sure that you taste any food before you agree to let them serve it to ensure the quality is high. It also makes sense to ask them how they plan to keep the food fresh for the whole party, whether they will restock items as they are eaten, and whether their fee includes clearing up afterwards as well. 

Picture sourced at Pexels – Licence CC0 

If you are catering your own party, then it’s best to just make a list of the ingredients you’ll need and in what quantities at this point. You can, of course, put a rough order in and confirm the exact amounts closer to the date of your celebration. It is also a good time to think about ordering speciality items such as caviar, or a decorated celebration cake as these can take longer to be delivered. 

Step Five – Order the drinks 

No party is complete without drinks for your guests. However, you must consider everyone and not only those who will be drinking alcohol. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to stock up on sodas, soft drinks, and water before the event. You can even create a signature non-alcoholic cocktail for your party as well. 

Step Six – Order the ice 

While we are on the subject of drinks, whatever you do, do not forget to order ice! Even in the dead of winter people will want ice in their drinks, and when you are hosting a party its very unlikely that you will have room to chill everything in your refrigerator. The good news is that when you have ice you can use coolers to keep beverages at a frosty temperature without using up valuable refrigerator space. 

Step Seven – Order any other supplies including decorations 

Once you have ordered ice, food, and drinks you will need to order any other items you will need. At this stage, you will need to consider the decorations you’ll be using, as well as items such as serving plates, crockery and glasses. Remember you will need to have enough for everyone attending your party to use, and you can hire items rather than buy them if you so choose. 

Step Eight – Prepare the space 

The next step is to clear the venue space on the day before or the day of your party. If you are hiring a venue you may want to pop in and refresh your memory on what it looks like and direct them on what furniture to keep and what to remove. 

However, if you are hosting your party in your own home you will need to both clean and prepare the space by moving items so there is enough room. 

Step Nine – Decorate  

After cleaning a space for your party, you can get to one of the most fun tasks which is decorating. It’s important to leave enough time for this task and make sure it’s done well. This is because it can take time to erect popular party decorations like a balloon arch, bounce house, or marquee. However, it’s nearly always well worth this investment because decorations like these can make or break your celebration, creating just the right mood for your guests. 

Step Ten – Enjoy the party! 

Last of all, the final step is to kick back, relax and enjoy the party you have planned so meticulously. Of course, it can be hard for a host to relax when their party is in full swing, as they are so often concerned about welcoming their guest and checking whether they are having a good time. 

Yo help with this it can be useful to allow yourself a stretch at the beginning to say hi to everyone and then set a specific time when you will get out of host mode, and into party mode! 

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