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2020, what a year! One thing that was so unfortunate was that so many small businesses were impacted in a major way due to the shut down. That is why in my 2020 Gift Guide I am including Handmade Gift Ideas From Small Businesses. These are some of my favorite small businesses and handmade items and services.

Homemade Soaps

2020 Gift Guide: Handmade Gift Ideas From Small Businesses (My Favorite Things)

Boots! Every woman needs boots but some women need extra special boots and that is why I love Merry People designer boots! Merry People began in 2014 by founder Dani Holloway who was on a mission to find quality waterproof boots, that were fashion and design appropriate for her any lifestyle – so she decided to create her own. I personally LOVE Bobbi boots! These boots are perfect for those damp and cold softball games like we have had recently as well as working in the wet winter months here in Houston. It gets very swampy. You can actually use these year round when the storms come in the hurricane season if needed. But not only can you use them in these wet, working moments but they pair perfectly with your cute jeans or tights. These are perfect! Oh and this is a women owned company, which I LOVE!

Merry People Designer All WeatherProof Boots

CBD Oils, Lotions, Salve, and MORE!

I shared this on Instagram recently because I loved these products so much! Eves Drop CBD products do not contain anything that is illegal and is totally safe for anyone. We use the Sports CBD lotion for sore muscles. I LOVE the cashmere lotion that smells incredible and the Lavender salve that is so relaxing. I love these products!

Small and Convenient Handbags

Margo Paige Handbags is a small, women owned handbag company based in Austin, Texas. These handbags are the perfect gift for women who attend concerts, festivals and sports. They are small, convenient, and my favorite are the clear handbags. More and more, that is a requirement for venues. And why have a boring clear bag when you can have a beautiful one? Check out mine with tassels! Check out Margo Paige for more options and when you sign up for emails, you receive 15% off your first order!

Stylish Clear Handbag for Concerts and Sporting Events


I discovered Meraki Soap Co. at our local Christmas Market and fell in love. Their products are made with love and smell amazing! They are strong enough to leave your skin smelling fresh and clean but not overpowering. My favorites so far are Heather and Lace, Tea Tree Facial Soap, and Sultry Jasmine. They have several other products just as wonderful!

Homemade Soaps

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