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4 Smells In Your Home You Need To Investigate Now!

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Are you noticing a whiff of something other than your usual delightful home aroma? A pungent smell can linger for a long time, and more infuriatingly, if you are unsure of where it is coming from, it can be a cause for concern in your home.

While nasty whiffs and the occasional odors are par for the course if you have pets or children or even if you cook a lot, there are some smells in your home that can indicate a more serious issue than your teen forgetting to bring last week’s dinners dishes down from their bedroom or the musty smell of dirty washing pre laundry day. The unfortunate thing about nasty smells is that they tend to attract more than one type of unwanted visitor. Mice, rats, and many other insects are attracted to strong smells, so it’s wise to invest in some excellent fly repellent and some general other repellents, too!

Blocked Drains

The smell from blocked drains can permeate even the poorest sense of smell. Even if your nose is oblivious to many smells, the scent of a blocked drain or two can be overpowering. It can be tricky to pin down what blocked drains smell like depending on the case of the blockage, but if your sewers are backed up or you have an overflow in your garden, chances are it won’t be the best smell, and it will have a decidedly foul fragrance. In some cases, you can rectify this yourself, but modestly it is best to call in the professionals to get the drain unblocked, and you can breathe easy again.


The scent of pests in your home can differ depending on the infestation. A powerful ammonia smell can indicate the presence of rats, or an oily smile can alert you to the potential of cockroaches in your home, for example. If you notice any other warning signs, such as marks on walls or flooring or droppings and chewed packing and bags, then you need pest control services to help you rid your home of unwanted visitors.

Damp and Mold

Does your home smell a bit musty? Maybe it is developing a more earthy and stale vibe as if the house hasn’t had any fresh air for a while. If this sounds familiar yet you can’t quite put your fingers n the cause, it may well be you have a damp or mold issue in your home. This is caused by an excess of moisture in places that should be dry, such as wet flooring, rotten floorboards, leaks, or the presence of mold in your home. Try opening all the windows to let in some fresh air, then look for telltale signs of dampness and mold, such as wet patches in corners or by the ceiling and on external walls, softer floorboards, and back patches on walls, or even your belongings. This can help you to identify the source and correct the issue.


A burning smell in your home can be as innocuous as someone leaving bread in the toaster too long or not cleaning out the grill from previous use and the residue smelling as it recooks. But if you aren’t cooking and no one in your area has lit a bonfire, a faint burning smell can be an immediate threat. It can be something that has caught fire or a problem with your electronics, especially if they are old and can’t cope with your usage or you have suffered damage to your home. Turn your electricity off at the mains and try touching walls to find the source of the smell to rule out or find the source of the burning smell and call 911 to eliminate any danger of fire. Alternatively, turn the gas off and look around your room to make sure nothing has accidentally caught fire like a candle falling over or a stove top left on and something burning.

You will likely find that your home has many different smells at different items, but these smells can indicate there is a bigger problem than just needing some air freshener and open windows.

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