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6 Simple Ways To Keep Your Family Safe

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The current global health and safety issues may have got you thinking about your family’s safety. Although this is understandable, most threats your family face are likely to occur closer than you think! According to the National Safety Council, 76% of preventable injury related-deaths happened in the home or community. This includes falls, drowning, and accidental food poisoning. These events are disturbing, especially when the house should be a haven for your family. If you prioritize your family’s safety, here are six tips to keep in mind.

  1. Prevent falls

Statistics show that about 20,000 people aged 65 and older die every year from falling. Children are also at risk of incurring serious injuries from falling and tripping in the home. This is why it is essential to ensure that your home is fall-proof. This means eliminating any potential hazards like electrical cables, toys, and rugs on your floors. Also, declutter your stairways and install handrails on either side for support. You should also secure your balconies and stairways to prevent access to your younger kids. Be sure also to keep your indoor space well lit

  1. Watch your windows

While screens effectively keep insects out, they can offer little help to keep your kids in. For this reason, you need to install window guards to keep your curious and adventurous children from opening windows. However, ensure that you can easily remove these guards during an emergency like a fire outbreak. You should also ensure your windows are not faulty, as it may make it easy for intruders to enter your home. It can also cause poor ventilation, which can cause respiratory problems.

  1. Drive cautiously

A seat belt can make a massive difference to your safety on the road. Statistics show that motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of severe injury or death for persons aged between 1 and 33. Further studies show that one person dies approximately every 3 minutes from a motor accident while someone suffers a disabling injury every 14 seconds. Seat belts are vital and save thousands of lives each year. You should also avoid driving under the influence. Receiving a DUI charge can affect your future and that of your family as well. That said, visit mesaduiattorneys.com for more information regarding DUI charges. 

  1. Balance your work and home life

It is no easy task to balance your home and work life even more, especially working from home. Yet, how you manage can make a significant difference to your family relationship. Balancing your home and work life will require adjustments to ensure it doesn’t affect your family commitments. You feel more in charge of your life when you don’t neglect your family commitments as your family will feel much safer and happier even when you are away from home.

  1. Fire-proof your home

Fire extinguishers and smoke detectors can be lifesavers and prevent injury in the home during an outbreak. While it is essential to train your family on the necessary steps during a home fire, it helps to test your smoke detectors each month and replace your batteries at least twice every year. Teach your children their last name, home address, and where to meet outside your home during a fire outbreak. It also helps to teach them how to call 911 during an emergency. Keep your electrical gadgets and appliances in good shape and your pets, children, and any combustible materials from heaters. Be sure not to keep lit items such as a candle away from flammable items such as paper, your bed, curtains, or upholstery furniture.

  1. Consider a home security system

Your home security system may not prevent a burglar, but the alarm can scare them before they make away with anything. Your security can alert you about a breach to call the police. This can reduce the extent of your loss during a burglar. Many modern security systems are designed to alert you anytime somebody enters your home, even when you are away. This way, you can keep the third eye on your home when you are away with your family. It is vital to consider your current lifestyle and family needs when choosing your home security system.

The truth is there are hazards everywhere! Although you can’t guarantee your family’s safety all the time, you can prevent avoidable accidents. By following the simple tips mentioned above, you would ensure your family is safe from several risks, and you would be assured some peace of mind.

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