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7 Business Ideas For Outdoorsy People

Looking for a job that can allow you to spend more time outdoors? There are many different options out there for outdoorsy people. Below are a few business ideas for those that don’t want to be cooped up inside all day.


Landscaping and gardening could be a great industry to get into if you’re green-fingered or handy with outdoor projects. You could provide general services, or you could specialize in an area such as lawnmowing, tree surgery, patio design or fencing installation. You’ll likely need to invest in some supplies to carry out this work. Make sure to choose commercial suppliers like Bradley Mowers rather than trying to use domestic equipment. You can do most of your marketing online – social media could be a great place to showcase your work and attract customers.


Farming is the oldest industry and arguably the most important industry. While it can be tough work – and can often require huge amounts of upfront investment to acquire land and equipment – it can be very rewarding and a perfect job for outdoorsy people. There are many different types of farming to consider including:

  • Crop farming
  • Livestock farming
  • Beekeeping
  • Mushroom farming
  • Plant nursery
  • Tree farming
  • Fish farming

Consider which type of produce you have most of an interest in and which you think you can make a profit from. Certain produce may require a lot of land, but there are many farming businesses that can be operated from a small amount of land such as beekeeping, mushroom farming, poultry farming and worm farming. You can check out some great farm marketing tactics for building customers here at Hobbyfarms.


If you love dogs, you could also start a business taking dogs for a walk. Many owners who are out working or otherwise busy need someone to exercise their dogs. You can market your service online or you can meet clients by talking to fellow dog owners. It’s a business idea that pretty much doesn’t require any upfront investment, making it ideal for those that don’t want to have to raise capital. 

Pool maintenance

Many people who own swimming pools hire pool maintenance companies to clean and maintain their pool. If you live in a location where many homes have pools, consider whether this could be an industry worth getting into. You’ll need to invest in some equipment and educate yourself on pool cleaning, but it otherwise doesn’t require too much work to launch. Promote your company by investing in SEO and social media marketing. 


Know a thing or two about roofing? Repairing, installing and cleaning roofs is a job that can allow you to work outside. You’ll need a head for heights and you’ll need to invest in some tools, but it shouldn’t cost too much to get off the ground. There are so many ways to market a roofing company from investing in SEO to posting flyers through people’s doors (you can selectively target properties with visibly damaged roofs).

Outdoor exercise

If you like to work out or are passionate about a sport, you could consider starting an outdoor exercise class or club. Yoga classes, running clubs and boot camps can all be held outside. You could even start your own sports club for teaching people an outdoor sport. Make sure that you have the right qualifications and always look into permits when choosing to host a class or club somewhere – not all parks are free to use. 

Outdoor tours

Another fun option could be to organise outdoor paid tours. This could include anything from city walking tours to mountain treks. As the guide, you’ll need to be very knowledgeable when it comes to the route, so that you can inform people of things along the way. For things like mountain trekking, having good general fitness and being a good motivator could be important. It’s a great social job for those that like the great outdoors. 

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