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What are the best educational activities for your toddler? As a parent, you are always looking for ways to make learning fun. Below are ten different ideas that will help keep your little one’s brain growing!  There are many reasons why parents should engage their toddlers in educational activities. There is no shortage of benefits from teaching them skills they’ll need later on in life to keep their minds sharp. This blog post discusses eight different types of activities that have been shown to work well with young children and encourage intellectual growth.

Number Activities

These can be done with a variety of materials, such as blocks or paper. For example, you could write numbers on each block and let your toddler match them up. You could also create a number line and place blocks on it in numerical order.

Letters Activities

Letters are often focused on after numbers because they are a little more complicated. You can teach your child about alphabetizing by placing letters on the ground and having them match it up to the corresponding letter in their name.

Another activity is creating words out of shapes, which again requires following directions! This will reinforce what they have learned thus far as well as help with spelling skills.

Learning About Shapes And Color

Other activities can include cutting out shapes, which is excellent for teaching your child about patterns. Give your toddler a stack of forms and show her how to cut along the lines. You can also teach them about colors by showing them different colored geometric figures and asking which ones are similar in shape or color (i.e., Which circle is like the other circles?).

Teaching and learning colors is also an engaging experience for toddlers, teaching them the names of different colors while teaching young children how to learn new things! This is a fantastic way to help your child develop early literacy skills.

You can also do fun activities that feature pieces of nature. We painted with fall foliage and it was a fun learning experience that not only was good for creativity it also helped with learning shapes of pieces of nature and colors, both natural and creative colors.


You can find puzzles shaped like animals, objects in the home, or even letters of the alphabet! Puzzles help children with problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination. They also teach kids patience when they have to figure out which piece goes where. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on puzzles either! You can get ones made out of cardboard or recycle some old cereal boxes that you might have lying around.

Reading Books

Another great educational activity for your toddler is reading books together every night before bedtime. It only takes about 15 minutes every night, but it’s worth it knowing that your toddler is growing up with a love of books and reading! It’s always fun to read something new and exciting with them, especially when they are still learning to read, so let them see what new story you have in mind for tonight. This also Improves their vocabulary skills.

Points Activities

You can also include various point activities in your home toddler learning, such as dot-to-dots and coloring pages. For example, you could take a picture with a large number of dots on it and ask your child to connect them using the side or end of their pencil. You might let them color between beads on a coloring page or color in the shapes of numbers.


Role-play with your child as a way to stimulate their imagination and creativity. Also, this helps them learn about the world around them by creating situations that they might not usually experiences, such as being a doctor or an engineer. You can also role-play toys for extra fun! For example, if you both have stuffed animals at home, pretend you are the stuffed animals while playing with them.

Role-playing becomes even more fun when you add costumes! Dress up in costume and play pretend by acting out roles that your child invents, or take turns being characters from books, movies, TV shows, etc. This can be a great way to bond by pretending to be someone new together.

Building Blocks

Blocks are a classic activity for toddlers. They’re fun and provide hours of entertainment! Plus, it’s easy to add in your creativity by building blocks or sorting them into groups when you clean up. Give your little one two or three different sizes of blocks so that they can build towers, houses, and more! If you want to make this a more educational activity, try naming the shapes while working with your child.

While there are plenty of educational activities for older children, it is essential to start teaching your toddler early. Here are a few activities that you can do with your child before they reach kindergarten. You may want to start teaching your toddler how to write their name, recognize letters and numbers later down the road. However, they need to get familiarized with these materials early on so they will be able to grasp what you teach them.

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