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Trying to homeschool your kids, but keep finding that they get bored easily? It could be worth exploring a few different ways to add some fun to home lessons. Below are a few great examples of ways to make homeschooling more fun.

Choose the right study resources

There are many different study resources available online. While worksheets and textbooks remain popular, you don’t have to opt for these traditional study resources. The likes of Learn Bright have many fun activities, lesson plans, activity booklets and even videos that you can download. You may have to pay for some of these resources, but they’re worth it for the extra enjoyment that your child will have. Consider experimenting with some of these different study resources and see if your child is more interested in them than the ones you’re currently using.

Play educational games

There are many educational games that you can try to help teach your kids everything from math to spelling. This includes puzzles, board games and various apps that you can look into online. You could also make up your own quizzes or paper games for free if you don’t want to pay for games. You can even play role-playing games with young kids that incorporate counting and spelling. By using your imagination, you can come up with all kinds of games by yourself. You could even challenge your child to come up with games and find ways to integrate learning activities into them. 

Incorporate some arts and crafts

Arts and crafts can be a great way to stimulate kids who are naturally creative. For young kids, this could include coloring in and drawing pictures, as well as creating models and getting messy with paint and glue. With older kids, you may be able to explore options such as writing stories, creating comic books, designing posters, making outfits, creating card games, or even creating board games. Consider planning joint projects that the two of you can work on as well as individual projects. 

Get out of the house

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be done at home. In fact, you have the freedom to teach from anywhere you desire. By regularly getting out of the house, you could provide a change of environment that could help stimulate your kids. This could include going to the park or the library once per week. You can also plan educational days out to museums, zoos and farms. These could be linked to topics that you are currently teaching.

Nurture your child’s learning style

There are four styles of learning: visual, auditory, kinesthetic and reading/writing. Each one of us learns best using a specific style of learning. It could be worth exploring these styles of learning with your child and finding out which style helps them retain the most information. You can then focus primarily on activities that nurture this style of learning, particularly with subjects that your child may be having difficulty grasping. This post at Teach explains more about the four styles of learning. 

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