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Why Being More Present May Help You To Achieve Your Intentions

It goes more or less without saying that everyone wants to achieve a variety of different things in life, and most of us struggle with trying to turn our more abstract intentions into actual results.

Each year, millions of New Years Resolutions are set, but relatively few of them are actually carried through beyond the first couple of months of the New Year.

There are a bunch of different potential reasons why our intentions may not be manifested, and why we may end up losing a sense of direction or motivation.

One interesting possibility to keep in mind is that developing the skill of becoming more present in everyday life, and less caught up in your mind, may help you to better achieve your intentions and deeper goals and aspirations.

Here are a few reasons why being more present may help you to achieve your intentions.

Because being too caught up in the past can keep you from making a fresh start in the present

There are a range of ways in which being too caught up in the past can keep us locked into negative patterns, and negative narratives, that can then prevent us from making a fresh start in the present and achieving our full potential.

It may be that narcissistic abuse is something you’ve struggled with, and it may be something that you need to pursue some degree of counselling for, for example.

Ultimately, any practices that could help you to bring your awareness more to the present moment, and to not ruminate too much on the past, can help you to open up your awareness to the fact that each moment contains a whole new variety of possibilities that can be explored and enjoyed.

It is possible to experience a kind of “rebirth” right here and right now, but you need to be able to be present in order to achieve that.

Because a lot of the underlying causes of pessimism and procrastination are rooted in excessive rumination

Many people find themselves struggling with procrastination and end up giving themselves unhelpful labels such as “lazy,” as a result.

We need to remember, though, that things like procrastination and pessimism happen for reasons – and often, these reasons have something to do with getting caught up in excessive rumination and reflection, and therefore finding it very difficult to step outside of the web of mental assumptions that we have constructed for ourselves.

Maybe you’ve been procrastinating because you’ve got a clear idea in your mind that it’s going to be really dull and frustrating to do the work that you are putting off. But, if you were able to be more present and to just move forward with it in the here and now, there’s a good chance that you would find it a little more manageable than you thought you would.

Becoming more present can help us to get “unstuck” in the here and now.

Because you are more likely to perform to the best of your ability if you are present

Being present is essentially a pre-requisite for being highly focused, and it’s quite well-known, as a rule, that being highly focused is one of the best ways of doing high quality work, that allows you to leverage your skills and insights as effectively as possible.

“Shallow work” is rarely good work.

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