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SeaWorld San Antonio is a place that is special to me! I can remember many years as a kid visiting SeaWorld. So I always love taking my own kids to enjoy the place that in some ways is the the same and in other ways it just keeps getting better!

A Mom's Guide To Planning The Perfect Day At SeaWorld San AntonioI feel like the best way to have a stress free, fun day at Sea World you really need to plan. Planning is KEY! So I am sharing my Mom’s guide to planning the perfect day at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Tip #1

Watch the Sea World website for special rates and deals. For example, at the time of this post there is a St. Patrick’s Day special on annual passes.  There are also package deals you can see here.

Tip #2

Map out your day. You can do this without leaving the house. On the SeaWorld website you can find the map to help do this. For us, we started at the entrance and walked clockwise around the park. I planned it so that we were at the spots with the shows at the right time with time to enjoy the rides or experiences between each show along the way. Check out the rides and the attractions along the map.A Mom's Guide To Planning The Perfect Day At SeaWorld San Antonio

Tip #3

Piggybacking off of tip #2 you will need to find the shows you want to see while visiting. Trust me, you want to see the shows! They are so much fun! Here are the current shows at SeaWorld San Antonio. Find the times that work for you while also comparing to the map above and work it out so that you are at the right place at the right time. It is so much easier to do it this way verses running all over the park to get to the shows on time. A Mom's Guide To Planning The Perfect Day At SeaWorld San Antonio

We LOVED all the shows. The Pets Ahoy was a new one for us this time and it was so cute! It was different with the adorable rescued animals like cats and dogs and pigs!

A Mom's Guide To Planning The Perfect Day At SeaWorld San Antonio

Tip #4

Do lines bother you? If so check out the quick queue deals! To make the most of your time you can skip the lines at SeaWorld San Antonio’s most popular rides and attractions. On the hot Texas summer days this could be a huge life saver!

Tip #5

Do you want to get your hands in the water? There are some fun experiences you can explore while at SeaWorld. Some do cost extra so check out all the options here before you go.

A few free options are the Alligator Alley and Discovery Point where you can see the Dolphins. There are food machines where you can purchase food to feed some of the animals.

A Mom's Guide To Planning The Perfect Day At SeaWorld San Antonio

Tip #6

Food and Drinks. Need I say more? If your kids are like mine, they will be thinking about food and drinks the moment you arrive. There are tons of options. We personally love the Pizza Pasta Buffet where everyone can get full. I also recommend the souvenir cups. You purchase the cool cup at the start of the day and then you can enjoy FREE refills the whole day of purchase. After that you only pay a small price (as low as 99 cents) for refills the rest of the year. You can’t beat that! It is totally worth it!

A Mom's Guide To Planning The Perfect Day At SeaWorld San Antonio


Tip #7

Get there early! We always arrive before the park opens so that as soon as it is open we can start the fun! The lines are short early in the day and it is not so hot. Find out the hours here.

Tip #8

Tip #9

Plan around the new things! For example, in 2019 at SeaWorld San Antonio there are several new rides and a new attraction! The Riptide Rescue ride, The Sea Swinger ride, and the amazing Turtle Reef experience! They are set to open in May 2019. So check the website when planning your trip to see if there is a time when new things will be open so that you can plan accordingly to enjoy the new experiences.


Planning is essential for having the perfect, stress free, and FUN trip. And you can make the most of your time by planning ahead. Please let me know if you have any other tips to share with others.

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We received media passes to help facilitate this post. No compensation was received. All opinions and photos are mine. Thank you SeaWorld for hosting us to help me created this post.

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