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The question; “How can I have a social life and still save money?” is one that has crossed the mind of many students and young adults. This question usually comes when you are starting to realize that saving money should be a priority, or, you may already be in debt.  

If you are in debt or needing to cut back on expenses, then your first thought will be to cut back on wasteful spendings, such as spending your money when you go out with friends at night. Or, even during the day, but going out at night with friends will usually take the form of a higher price tag, especially if you are paying for drinks, entrance fees and other activities like this.

So, let’s take a look at how you can save money and still maintain a good social life:

Remember, they may not all be the type of thing you enjoy. But keep scrolling as I’m sure you will find at least a few to do with your group of friends.

  1. Dinner Circles

Hosting a dinner party circle is not only something to do when you are closer to the edge of middle age. It is a simple concept that is being enjoyed by millennials as well as older generations. This is because there is a rise in trendy social gatherings and also a rise in the popularity of slow food, and intelligent conversations that just can’t take place in a nightclub with booming speakers.

Here’s the idea: you host the meal at your house, and the meal is (usually) prepared from scratch. However, if you are not much of a chef, then you can always get take out. Each week, your circle of friends will rotate to have a turn as host and chef.

How does this work out to saving money? Well, it is like an investment. Initially, you will be spending money to cover the costs of the first meal. After that, depending on the size of your circle of friends, you will have several free meals coming your way.

  1. Board Games

Although outdated in the modern world of technology, board games can be a great way to have fun with your friends. Find one that you and your group of friends enjoy, and you will have an evening of laughter and joy in store.

Do you and your friends have a bit of a naughty sense of humor? There are plenty of adult fun games that you can play, for example, Cards Against Humanity. This particular card game has put thousands of people (me and my group of friends included) in fits of laughter. And not just little polite giggles. I’m talking about rip-roaring laughing that makes tears roll from your eyes kind of laughter.

If Cards Against Humanity is a bit too profane for you and your friends, there are several other board games for adults to enjoy.

  1. GeoCaching

This one is for the kids at heart. Do you miss the thrill that a childhood treasure hunt? Was Indiana Jones a hero for you growing up? Or maybe you have just always wanted to embrace the joy of treasure hunt as an adult, but never admitted it. Well, you can accept it now. Because Geocaching is a thing now. What is Geocaching? It is a type of treasure hunt for adults. All you need is a GPS and a sense of adventure. You merely need to go to a website like geocaching.com, input the specific coordinates for a geocache close to you and then use your GPS to navigate your way to the ‘treasure.’

Usually, the ‘treasure’ is nothing more than a list or log to sign, and then you mark it off as found. Remember, this can take you into the woods or an assortment of abandoned and strange places, so be mindful of going after dark depending on your area.

  1. Free Events

Almost every city will offer free events. All you have to do is to be open-minded to see new types of things and events. While not all the free events will be your cup of tea, why not try out something new?

Check out your city’s website, and you will be able to see what’s happening in your area. There are usually plenty of events where no admission is charged.

  1. Movie Nights

What were the best things about growing up? For sure one of them has to be being able to visit with your friends, whether at your place or theirs (whosever parents were ‘cooler’) and have movie marathons, complete with buckets of homemade popcorn. Who’s to say that had to end with adulthood?

Everyone loves movies. So, why not organize a movie night, complete with all the trimmings- popcorn, refreshments, and all? Popcorn is an inexpensive snack and beverages can be a bring and share arrangement.

Do you live in a state where cannabis is legal? Why not try out a movie night complete with friends, movies, popcorn, and marijuana? You can have a relaxed evening to enjoy with your friends. Why not find out more about cannabis paraphernalia to enjoy with a group of friends?  

  1. Volunteering

Take a night to volunteer at a place that could really use some extra helping hands. You can volunteer at a soup kitchen, planting project or even a youth group. There are many different volunteering options– find something that you and your friends will enjoy, and it will be an activity that will not only enrich you as an individual but also your friendships.

  1. Fantasy Sports League

If you and your friends like sports and games, why not try out fantasy sports leagues. You can merely use ESPN or even Yahoo! to start one and start having fun with your friends on a budget.

  1. Camping

One of the most underrated activities there is, is camping. Pack up your supplies, hit the road and find a great spot where you are allowed to pitch your tent, light a bonfire and enjoy nature and friendship in their most excellent forms.

  1. Join a Team

Find a nearby sporting team that you all enjoy. You can go to soccer, football, basketball, whatever you like!

  1. Make your own Team

Or, you could just go to the park and begin your own evenings of sport, whether it is kicking a hacky sack, frisbee, or learning acro yoga.

There are many ways to have fun with your friends while sticking to a budget. You only need an open mind and look out for new things to try. Who knows? You may just discover an unknown passion or hobby.


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