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Has your family grown distant over the years? This is nothing new nor unusual. Life can take us in many different directions. While many people say “blood is thicker than water,” the full meaning of the saying goes “the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb,” meaning that those you choose to be with are generally closer and more bound to you than the people who’re related to, at least in a functional sense.

For this reason, don’t feel bad if your family is a little distant, or if some may be estranged from one another. It’s not always our place to correct that either. But if you feel that enough time has passed, and others are willing to reach out and connect once more, it can be a lovely idea to do so. Perhaps you’re having a wedding, your child is undergoing a religious ceremony like a christening, or you just want to celebrate a milestone with your relatives. 

In this case, using some tips designed for bringing together a distant family could be very helpful to you. So, let us offer you exactly that within the words of this post. We hope they’re of some help:

Address The Disconnect

It can sometimes feel a little artificial to connect with people and not address the elephant in the room. If you’ve moved away from one another, have fallen out of touch, or maybe had a disagreement, it can be nice to draw a line in the sand and ask them how they’ve been. Sometimes, apologizing or agreeing to move on can be a good way to start.

Ignoring the disconnect can make the connection seem a little less authentic, even if doing so is a little awkward at first. Addressing it can show you’re in it for the right reasons, and everything can flow on from there. It’s amazing how well most people respond if you’re willing to give a little, so don’t be afraid of doing so.

If You Have A Dinner Party, Consider A Seating Plan

Weddings are known for having seating plans because many different friends and sides of the family can be in attendance, which may mean the need to sit like people together or to shake things up a bit for introductions and good conversation. You can determine exactly how your family seating might work, even if this isn’t a wedding. 

Seating certain family members together so they feel a little more comfortable, half-and-halfing each table so they have to reach out, or perhaps putting people together that haven’t spoken for some time can be beneficial in line with that. If you cater the event well with a service such as https://www.saintgermaincatering.com/catering/corporate-catering-dc, you can allow the warmth of good food to spur conversation and give you a sense of relaxation knowing the administrative tasks of the get-together are being handled, and thrive within your seating plan for that reason.

Utilize Technology For Virtual Meetups

You can start with a basic virtual meeting if you’re so inclined, especially if some of your elderly family members can’t make it, or if you want to go over your plans with them ahead of time. 

It can be a nice method of connecting without the organizational effort that a longer travel plan might take, and it also allows you to dip your toes into reconnecting with them again, gauging their personalities, their intent, and how well you connect at different points of your lives. You can use platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Facetime, and more, all are free services that almost anyone can sign up to and use.

Share Your History

It’s good to catch up your relatives on the story they might have missed out on since you drew apart. For example, discussing relatives or friends you may have lost, the new milestones in your life, where you’re living, and asking similar questions to your relatives can be helpful.

Showing a real interest in this can not only be a good way to connect, but it genuinely is fascinating. This is your family after all. It will also help you show that you’re likely more familiar with one another than you had ever anticipated, and it won’t be long before you’re laughing again.

Sometimes, it may be that a disconnect, like a divorce, caused you to split from your family, but now this is water under the bridge and you’re ready to resume those conversations. When people share history, they feel more connected, and that in itself can be an inspiring focus.

With this advice, you’re sure to bring together your distant family in the best possible way.

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