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Alice In Wonderland Party Ideas

alice in wonderland party ideas

All the awesome Alice in Wonderland party ideas for this post were created by my incredibly talented sister in law Jo Lynn. She knows how to throw a party. Here are some ideas from a recent Alice in Wonderland Party she hosted for my niece. Her mom did the banners. You will love how creative and affordable these party ideas are!


Printed coloring sheets for party favors


Back yard décor was awesome. She took boards and painted them to reflect the Alice in Wonderland theme. She hung them on the fence using tulle.


She decorated the mantel with these paper lanterns and tulle.


She made a garland of cards. Holes punched into the top left and right corners then connected the cards with the tulle.

AB4D8BEA-55A2-46DB-A6A9-72D76A9168AEAlice Wonderland Party ideas

Her mom made this WONDERLAND banner using colorful card stock. There were black letters on top of two complementary card stock sheets. She added detail to each letter like the little ribbons.

Alice Wonderland Party ideasAlice Wonderland Party ideas

These adorable cups were everywhere. You can do this with and soup bowls by adding paint. Alice Wonderland Party ideas

Top hats and tulle decorated the bar.

Alice Wonderland Party ideas

This was so cute! She printed out whimsical Alice in Wonderland themed images and put them in colorful frames.

Alice Wonderland Party ideas

Gumballs and check out the bowl with a small flower pot in it.

Alice Wonderland Party ideasAlice Wonderland Party ideas

These little signs identified all the foods. Foods included fruit, fruit dip, a veggie tray and dip and hot dogs.

A perfect party!

alice in wonderland party theme ideas

“Either it brings tears to their eyes, or else -”
“Or else what?” said Alice, for the Knight had made a sudden pause.
“Or else it doesn’t, you know.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

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