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Genes, Questions, Answers & Hope! Getting Your Body On The Right Track By Asking The Right Questions

Getting Your Health Back On Track

This is a totally personal post but I just have to share this real chapter of my life with you. I have had health issues for months now and was finally at a breaking point. I decided enough was enough and went to my doctor. I get my thyroid check done every six months since I had radioactive iodine treatment for my thyroid years ago. My Doctor and I see each other at least that often and he knows me well. But this time was different because I knew something else was wrong. I just felt it. I am not going to go into detail on my medical issues because that would be boring for you all. BUT I want to tell you some things I learned.

  • Being completely open and honest with your doctor is very important.
  • Tell him everything even if it seems unimportant, normal or embarrassing. It might be very important.
  • Ask for more tests. If you are not satisfied with the answer or test results ask what else can be done.
  • Always get a copy of your tests. You can research them more on your own or you can take them to another doctor.
  • Before you start taking medication ask what natural options there are available.
  • If he doesn’t know of options or what other tests can be done then do some research. The internet is full of information!
  • Look up genetic testing
  • Fight to find the root cause of the issues including genes.
  • Talk to others about your issues. It may surprise you what issues others are living with as well. You can learn from them!
  • I am thrilled to say my doctor was very complete with the testing. He knew something was off based on what I was telling him. Something other than my thyroid was wrong. He ordered genetic testing, thyroid, cholesterol and MANY others that looked way into my system. He looked for the problems and the causes of those problems.

    When I went in to see the doctor last week I looked at the lab results and saw all the RED. Red=BAD. There was so much that was in the red and it scared me. But I also wanted to say “I knew it!” As we talked he went down the list of bad things happening in my body including inflamed arteries, high cholesterol, off the charts TSH, vitamin D deficiency, Folate deficiency, Omega 3 deficiency, plaque in the arteries, Kidney & Liver problems and high blood pressure. The list just kept going. I was in tears and I felt like he was giving me a death sentence.
    Enough of the bad news! Where is the good news in all of this? One of the items in red was a genetic test. I tested positive for something called MTHFR, specifically I am homozygous for A1298C. MTHFR (Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase) is the name of the gene and the enzyme that plays an essential role in processing the folate we eat into a nutrient our bodies can utilize. People who have MTHFR mutations have an interruption in the “Methylation Pathway.” Methylation affects more than 20 different processes in our bodies and when methylation is interrupted, many many essential body functions are disrupted. THIS IS HUGE! Most of the problems have had for most of my life are included in those 20! WOW!
    So what to do? My doctor is awesome and helped me come up with a plan that includes change in diet, medication and supplementation. He believes that now that we know the real cause of all the issues we can treat the root problem and the other things will improve. YAY! So here we go. I am putting this train in reverse. I will not be on a broken, runaway train! I am backing up and getting on the right track to an AWESOME life!

I am going to be sharing what I learn about genetic issues including MTHFR because… knowledge is POWER! I am taking you on this “get healthy” journey with me. You will see more of my healthy smoothies, natural products and healthy living ideas. We can all get on the right track together. If you have experience with these issues please share!

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