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Kids and Cellphones: The Right Way To Do It & The Best Wireless Plan #shop #cbias


Kids with cell phones, it’s a tricky thing. I will admit that I have been against kids having phone for years. Over the last few years, as cell phones have become more common, my husband an I have been certain that our children would not get a phone.  Then, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, our daughter started growing up and things changed. She is now in after school activities, staying with friends, going places with other families and away from us more than we expected her to be. I have started thinking about if she were to be in a dangerous situation or simply needs to reach me. What would she do?  I do not want my little girl to have to ask a stranger for help. I decided now is the time. I need to find the best wireless plan for her.

I have AT&T right now. For me and my husband to share 700 minutes, have unlimited text and a high data limit we spend over $200 a month! I shuddered to think what it would be to add another line. So I did a lot of research and discovered the Walmart Family Mobile Plan.

Have you heard of it? All this time I thought Walmart only had prepaid or limited plans. I was so wrong! They have unlimited plans and the cheapest wireless plan of any provider! Not only are they the cheapest, they also have no contracts or credit check!

I went shopping to find out more. I was still in shock to see the unlimited everything monthly plans under $40! This was an easy decision for us to make! Let me tell you why…

The price: The first line is $29 for unlimited talk and text + $10 if you want the web. That is the monthly price! There are no activation fees. You simply purchase the $25 activation card. For each additional line we add it is only $24.99 plus $10 for the web. The whole family can be covered at an affordable price!

The plans: You choose if you want talk and text only or talk,text and web! Either way it is all unlimited!

The control: You have access to the online account management and information which allows you to control web settings, hours of use, limits and much more! This is so important for a mom! I can control what her phone can and can not do!

So we did it! We got our little girl a phone! But she has rules and we have all the control! Thanks to the Family Mobile Plan and the affordable phones, we can stay in touch at an affordable price!

What did I buy and how did I get started? Check out this video:

I will update you in about a month after we receive the first bill. The most common questions I have received are:

  • “Is it REALLY unlimited minutes, text and data?”
  • “Is it REALLY that price?”
  • “Can your child really stay under your controls?”
  • “How does it compare to other networks?”

So I will let you know an prove it! Stay tuned for more on the #FamilyMobileSaves plan.



Be sure to check out the great digital magazine! It is full of great ideas for back to school and features this awesome cheap wireless plan!


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Creating an organized Bill Pay Binder


How do you keep your bills organized and paid on time? For years, I would just pay them as I would get them in the mail. Which would mean that I drug out my checkbook every few days. This worked just fine, but I felt like I was constantly paying bills, which isn’t my favorite chore.

In the last couple years, I have created a bill pay binder that has worked really well for me, so I am going to share a few of my tips with you.

First, you need a binder, I use a simple white 1 inch binder. Next, I added a pencil bag to hold all the “tools” that I need for paying bills.


I have a hole punch, calculator, pencils, pens, and a Sharpie in my pouch.


I printed out a calendar for each month over at THIS site. I went through and added all recurring events on the calendar with the dates that I already knew. Things like payday, car payment, we have rental properties and I keep track of when those payments are due on this calendar as well.

When I receive a bill in the mail, I add the due date on this calendar right away.


I have three sections on my binder. One section for bills I pay on the 15th and one for the 30th. When I receive a bill in the mail, I mark the due date on my calendar, punch holes in the bill and file it in the correct area.

I also have a section to file bills from the previous month. I find this very handy because if I have a question on a bill or what I had paid the previous month, I still have them handy.


In the front inside pocket of the binder is where I keep my address labels and envelopes.


I use different colors of markers for my bill calendar. I found a great way to hold all of my pens and colored markers in this really cute Thirty-one Fold and Go bag.


I am a paper and pen person. I like to keep track of bills, lists, etc. on paper instead of on the computer. This bill pay system has been working really well for me and I feel much more organized. I spend less time paying bills and don’t have to go digging for everything when it’s time to sit down and write out checks. I hope you can use a few of my tips or even create your own binder!


If you have any suggestions on how to improve this or just comments on your own ideas, I would love to hear them!

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A Giving Christmas: A Mission To Give Big On A Budget (Sharing Ideas to Help You Give More)

This year I want to give and give in a BIG way! I have had so many blessings this year that were not monetary and it made me want to do the same for others. So many need something right now! Maybe it is an essential like food or clothing. Maybe it is someone who deserves and needs a kind gesture through an action or handmade gift.

Like most of you, we do not have a lot of extra money to buy gifts. We save up each year to have just enough for the kids and close family. How can we give big when we have a little budget? There has to be a way! I know we can! That inspired this giving on a budget series: A Giving Christmas: A Mission To Give Big On A Budget.

Gifts on Budget

So please join this mission! What is your idea to give this year? The possibilities are endless! Here are some gift ideas from my favorite sites that may help jump start your creativity!


Create a tea time treat for a teacher using a dollar store, clearance. or extra coffee mug.

The Gunny Sack
DIY Yarn Bowl from The Gunny Sack
DIY Chocolate Body Scrub
DIY Chocolate Body Scrub

Chocolate Body Scrub made with items from your kitchen.
















DIY Button Bracelet (Check local for thrift stores for buttons)

Share Ways To Give on a Budget

I want to know your ideas. There are several ways to share:

  • Please leave a comment with your ideas.
  • Please leave a comment with a link to your favorite idea/ blog post.
  • Share this post to share the ideas!

Each week I will pick some ideas to feature! Maybe it will be your idea!

I am so excited about this mission! I know together we can come up with many ways to give  BIG on a budget. You will  discover ways to show others you care with very little or no out of pocket cash!

Let’s do this! Let’s join together and make this year a great year for all! Imagine the people that will be touched if we all are a Secret Santa for one person!

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