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Give BIG On A Budget: Using Spare Change To Stretch Your Holiday Budget (#sponsored by @Coinstar)

Ok it is time to flip the couch cushions and look under the car seats! You know all those places where the change goes when it fall out of your pocket? At our house the laundry room is always a great place to find loose change! I love emptying the pockets to find change! I started a little bank in the laundry room for that very reason. I am not saving for anything specific but wanted to see how much I could save.

My kids also save money. They have a big piggy bank where they store it, This year they decided to save money to give to those who need money. That made this mom so proud! I offered to match whatever they raised. That sent them in search of even more!

coinstar holiday on a budget

Now that time has come to bless someone with the change we have been saving. We want to bless people during the holidays. As always money is tight so we are using the spare change to give this year. Some may say that piggy bank full of spare change will not go far, but I want to prove them wrong!

holiday on a budget

You can do so with much loose change! All that loose change ADDS UP FAST! To start off head to your nearest Coinstar kiosk. You can find your nearest kiosk here.  That is where you can see for yourself how much loose change you really have! Coinstar offers options that are a great way to add an additional boost to your holiday budget.

Pinching Pennies and Stretching Holiday Budgets with Coinstar


Trade in  your coins and cash using Coinstar. There is no need to roll your coins! Take the piggy bank in with you and pour! There are so many options at the Coinstar kiosk:

  • Coin to Cash: At the kiosk choose “Get cash,” then pour in your coins. Take your receipt to the checkout and get your cash. A 10.9 percent service fee applies. Fees may vary by location.
  • No fee eCertificate: At the kiosk, choose “Get a gift card or eCertificate” and pick the brand you want. Pour your coins in. The gift card or eCertificate is ready to use the minute you get it! They are paper receipts with a unique code. They work just like physical gift cards. Use your code when you pay at the store or when you’re shopping online.
  • Donate to charity: At the kiosk, choose “Donate to charity,” pick one of the charity partners, and pour in your coins. Don’t see your favorite charity on the list? Find out how to submit a charity.
  • Add funds to a PayPal account
  • Add funds to a prepaid card: Just swipe your prepaid debit card, add your bills or coins, and your funds are loaded and ready to spend. A 9.8 percent coin counting fee applies, plus a $4.95 card reload fee.

HOW AWESOME IS THAT! There are endless way to stretch your holiday budget with Coinstar! I LOVE that you can donate to a Charity right at the machine.

We choose to get the cash voucher. My kids wanted to hold the physical cash and go through the motions of picking out a gift and pay the cashier. If it had been just me I would add to charity and get the rest on my Paypal. The kids ended up with $23.41 in change. I matched that and they were able to spend $46.82 on gifts!

tips to make your spare change go further

Tips to make your spare change go further:

  • Buy items to make your gifts.
  • Go to the Toy Section and look for the discounts or the store brand items.
  • Go to the Dollar Store and get something special for each person.
  • Gather things to make a basket from the Dollar Store. Basket ideas:
  • Basket, Tissue Paper, Hot Cocoa, Marshmellows and Cookies= $5
  • Basket, Shredded Tissue Paper, Box of Colors, Coloring Book, Stickers =$5
  • Basket, Lotion, Bubble Bath, Candle, Socks, Eye Mask = $6
  • Coffee Cup, Instant Coffee (Get a box with single servings individually wrapped), Cookies or Pastry (individually wrapped), Use Cling Wrap to package
  • Basket, Cookie Mix, Icing (Bake cookies, decorate and place in a basket)

SO…Like I said, it is time to flip the couch cushions and look under the car seats! Look high and look low for spare change! You are sure to stretch your holiday budget! You will be surprised!


Learn more and connect with Coinstar:


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  1. Hello everyone!

    There are two specific situations that stand out to me on the subject of saving loose change. The first was when my children were very young, and we were in need of some new furniture. A light seemed to go off in my head one day to save all the loose change I could get my hands on to make this purchase possible. Just a few weeks later I was able to save enough money to buy a new sofa, and love seat for our home. The 2nd occasion happened when my Aunt Betty (who is 86 now), needed to buy a new car. She was known for saving loose change, and $2 bills. Aunt Betty needed enough money for a down payment on a new car, so she went and pulled out all the change she had from their hiding places. We then lugged all the change over to her bank, and they handed her $400, enough to cover the down payment she so desperately needed.

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