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Celebrate Each Milestone

This is me April 2014 on Easter. 1510372_10152013930892611_1570424931534897912_n

This is me today.11052891_10152734115172611_4706249895229599890_n

This week I reached the 30 pound mark! WHAT?

12 months to reach 30 pounds sounds like forever. But look. It wasn’t! I have worked on so much more than my weight number over these last few months.

I accepted a food addiction.

I experienced severe depression. The worst it has been in a LONG time!

I had a hysterectomy and went through surgical menopause.

We moved…twice!

I faced death and accepted life!

WOW! I would say this has been so much more than a weight loss journey. It is truly a life transformation.

Why am I sharing all of these personal things? Because I KNOW that I am not alone. I am sure that someone reading this is experiencing this as well. Maybe not the exact same issues, but you are struggling. You are struggling emotionally, physically, and/ or mentally.

PLEASE keep going.

Need to spend a day in bed? Ok. Need to give up for a day? OK. But get back up the next day and get moving!

My weekly progress:Your weekly progress report from Fitbit! - livingonloveandcents@gmail.com - Gmail.clipular

WE CAN DO THIS! Who is with me?walter anderson quote about chances

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