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If you have been reading this blog or following me on my social channels then you know we love our rescue dogs! They are like family. If your dog’s birthday is coming up, or you just want to pamper them with new things, then it is time to start planning. Yes – they want your undying love and attention. But just like people, they want the occasional treat as well. 

If you’re stuck on what to get your dog, check out our ideas below. These transform you from a regular dog parent into a superhuman parent. 

Folding Dog Tub

Every so often, your dog needs a wash. Over time, dirt and grime builds up in their fur and they start to get a little smelly. 

Fortunately, you can fight back in a way that you will both enjoy – get them a folding elevated bathtub.

These tubs make it easier for you to groom your dog. They also prevent you from having to use the regular bath all the time which can get a little awkward if you have guests. 

Smart Collar

Smart collars are all the rage right now. They offer a bunch of features that you just can’t get with the regular version. 

For instance, smart collars show you your dog’s whereabouts. They also do things like show you various keep out zones and emit ultrasonic noises to discourage unwanted behavior. 

Lifestyle Treats

Sometimes, your dog deserves a treat for all their hard work. But you can often be at a loss for what to give them. 

Using relaxing dog treats is a good idea if your dog is prone to stress or pain. Tasty treats are also a great idea for any owners trying to train their pets. 

Play Pen

You’ve heard of kids’ play pens. But now you can also get dog play pens. These are essentially glass-walled enclosures that allow you to keep them in a specific part of the house. Pens such as these are a great way to keep your dog out of the way of guests while still making them feel like they are a part of the action. 

Water Fountain

Dogs have a habit of drinking out of the toilet bowl (or at least, trying to). But perhaps you can offer them something better: their very own doggy water fountain. 

Manufacturers are now making ceramic fountains that come with advanced filtration systems. Spouts emit water from multiple angles, allowing more than one dog or cat to drink at the same time. The action of the water also encourages that dog to drink, keeping them better hydrated. 

Dog Teepee

Sometimes, your dog just wants a little privacy. And with a teepee, giving dogs their own space has never been easier. You just set it up in the corner of your living room and then allow them to retreat to their den whenever they want. On some models, you can even close the doors when you detect that they want some time to themselves. 

Dog Sofa

You’ve heard of a dog bed, but what about a dog sofa? These are essentially the same as dog beds but raised off the ground. They are a great way to make your pooch feel more involved while negating the need for them to join you on the human chairs. 

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