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Tips For Adopting Dog #2

Well, we did it again! YES! So, CoronaVirus AKA COVID19 hit and we went on lockdown. Well, we had not gone on strict official lockdown yet, but it was suggested lock down, so this mama was taking precautions and we were staying home. Everything was slowing closing anyway. We had been talking about getting another rescue dog for a while. A few months back we rescued and adopted by sweet Gidget!

So Should You Rescue Another Dog? Here are some Tips For Adopting Dog #2.

Things You Should Know Before Rescuing a Dog

It was life changing and we all love her so much. In fact there was too much love and not enough dog. We wanted more! Gidget has grown very attached to me and the kids wanted a dog that would cuddle and play with them. So we started looking and talking about adopting another older dog. My husband was against it at first so we decided we would only do a foster to adopt arrangement again to make sure we found the perfect dog for us!

I did some research and discovered another rescue in Houston called SAVE Rescue Coalition. They do dog adoption and foster and foster to adopt. With the shelters filling up quickly because of the virus the rescue was in dire need of help! This rescue was AMAZING!!!! I got on the phone with a volunteer and told her about our family, our situation, our current dog, personalities, and what we were looking for. She said she had 2 dogs that she thought would be a good fit for us and would put me in contact with both foster moms so I could learn more about both of them. There was NO pressure at all! If neither was a fit, that was ok too, we could keep looking at options. BUT the first one she suggested was almost too good to be true.

Should You Rescue Another Dog?

When I got off the phone with her foster mom I said, “Y’all, I think I found the dog!” She sounded just like our Gidget! So we arranged to go meet her right away. And the next thing we knew she was on a trial foster to adopt at our house.

So Should You Rescue Another Dog? Here are some Tips For Adopting Dog #2.

Could we hit the jackpot twice?

Should You Rescue Another Dog?

I think so!

I signed the papers today! She is ours! And we are complete!

2 kids, 2 dogs.


So Should You Rescue Another Dog? Here are some Tips For Adopting Dog #2.

So, should you rescue more than one dog? YES! If you can afford and handle it. Remember some of these dogs have had a rough life before meeting you. We may never know the pet’s history. We may have to train them or love them extra hard. But if you have the love to give they are so ready to accept it and give it right back!

So Should You Rescue Another Dog? Here are some Tips For Adopting Dog #2.

Tips for adopting dog #2:

  • Consider using the same rescue but be open to other rescues
  • Look at all your options
  • Consider shelters vs private rescues
  • Ask lots of questions
  • Make sure you can afford it. They may need a special diet or medical care. Remember, we don’t know all the history! You will also need more food and more supplies.
  • Be patient. You may need to train it and be extra understanding for a while. It’s like bringing a baby home. Expect the unexpected.
  • Make sure the WHOLE family is on board! You can’t do this alone!
  • You will need to look for something different this time. You need to think about your current dog and make sure the 2 dogs get along.
  • Consider foster to adopt. I really recommend that option if you can find it! If not, see if they have a return policy in case it is not a fit.
  • Give it some time. Remember it takes time for a pet to really open up and feel comfortable in a new home and with the new humans and animals in it’s life.
Should You Rescue Another Dog? Here are some Tips For Adopting Dog #2.

It is so worth it! Stay tuned for lots of stories about our newest family member! 🙂

Should You Rescue Another Dog?

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