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What To Ask Before You Adopt A Dog

What To Ask Before You Adopt A Dog

After we adopted our sweet dog I learned there is so much that we did not know. I wanted to share tips on what to ask before you adopt a dog. Any good rescue will be able to answer these questions or at least try to help find answers for these questions. Sometimes it will depend on how long they have had the dog and how they care for it (Example: if it is in a kennel in a shelter vs in a foster home).

What To Ask Before You Adopt A Dog
  1. What is the fee?
  2. What does the fee cover?
  3. What is the pet’s story? (This is so important!)
    1. Where did they come from?
    2. What was their life like before they got to the rescue?
    3. Was it an owner surrender? Why?
    4. Was it found as a stray?
    5. Did it have any trauma that they know about?
  4. Does the pet have any health issues?
  5. Has the pet been fully vetted for all issues?
  6. Has the pet been spayed/neutered or will you need to do this within a certain time.
  7. What is the pet’s personality and temperament?
    • Is it a barker?
    • Does it scare easily?
    • Does it chew on things (other than toys)?
    • Does it bite?
    • Does it like to chill or prefer to play all day?
    • Does it have separation issues?
  8. Ask about basic things and skills and what you need to be prepared to work on?
    • Is it crate trained?
    • Is it house trained?
    • Does it currently live inside or outside?
  9. Is there a foster parent you can talk to? Many times fosters are involved with homing the pets for the rescue so ask if you can talk directly to them to find out more about the day to day routine and true personality. Ask the questions above again!
  10. Does it have special needs or require immediate or long term medical care?
  11. Is it good with kids?
  12. Is it good with pets?
  13. What is their return policy?
  14. Who do you contact if you have an issue?
  15. What does it currently eat? (Pets may have a reaction to extreme food changes)
What To Ask Before You Adopt A Dog

What else do you recommend? What would you add to this of What To Ask Before You Adopt A Dog. Also check out these Things You Should Know Before Rescuing a Dog.

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