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As every busy mom knows decorating for holiday events can be stressful. At my house I have little time to go shopping for items to create extravagant centerpieces. The budget is far to small to go and buy a beautiful rustic centerpiece like the ones at Pottery Barn. So what is a mom to do? Create one using what you have!

I took my little man out on a nature walk. We love doing nature crafts so he has learned to spot the perfect nature items for crafting. We collected large branches and pine cones.

After getting back home I cleaned them up a bit and then got out my Rustoleum Glitter Spray paint. I love this stuff! I went glitter crazy! I used gold and red as they are what I had on hand and I thought they were very festive!

I let them dry outside for several hours since the odor was strong. Then brought them inside and started creating the centerpiece. I found a large vase that we were not using and filled it with little gems that I had as decoration in the bathroom. (You can use craft gems, fish tank rocks, or whatever you have). Carefully add in the branches in no particular order. There is no right or wrong way to arrange them. Just be creative!

You can add ornaments, little notes or garland. In the photo above we were adding notes each day of what we were thankful for to continue the season of Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

Heather Brummett

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