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More Fun Fall Crafts Using Nature: Painting with Acorns

There are so many fun nature crafts you can do with kids including painting with acorns! Being crafty with items from nature  is so much fun for kids and adults! It is just turning fall in our area and the leaves and acorns are all over the place. This morning to help with my son’s energy we went for a walk to collect items for a fall sensory bin. We came home with more acorns than we needed so that lead us to trying a new craft: painting with acorns.

This is so easy and cheap! All you need is paper, paint (I used the remainder of some of my Glidden Paint Testers) and acorns.

We tried several techniques before we got it right. You will probably have to do the same. What worked best for us is:

Paint your acorns- We found it most effective to paint on a paper and roll them in it or paint directly onto the acorns.

Fold your paper in half and then fold over your ends. Leave only one side open.

Carefully pour your painted acorns into the paper that you just folded.

Fold over the other end

Hold tightly buy both folded ends

SHAKE!!! Up and down and left and right

Once you have shaken to your heart’s content, unfold the edges and carefully pour the acorns out.

Open up your page and admire your masterpiece! Each will be different and beautiful in its own way!

My son decided to do a little finger painting when we were done. Why not?

Educational Tips : This is great for helping with hand eye coordination, sensory dysfunction, learning colors and more. Make it a fun learning experience!

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  1. These are great ideas and fantastic photos! We will have to start collecting acorns. I always see pinecones around and am thinking of crafts for those too.thanks!

  2. Great ideas! I thinking of having my cousins help me decorate for Thanksgiving in a similar way.
    Alhtough, I’m in Texas our Thanksgiving is in Florida. Any ideas for doing a Tex-Floria themed idea like this on the “El Cheapo.”I’m rather frugal.

  3. How pretty! And it looks like a blast, what a good idea! I am going to try this with my girls. We have a local park that has a TON of acorns so we will be heading over there. Thanks! 🙂

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