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This past weekend my husband and I decided we needed a date. There was no one to watch the kids so we decided on a date night at home.

My husband put me  in charge of the night. So….I decided to make sure that the kids were full and happy and ready for bedtime before our date.You can check out my whrrl to see our trip to Walmart to pick up some Kid Cuisine dinners. The kids loved them! They were easy and full of whole grains and protein.

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Once the kids were happy, fed and in bed we were able to pop in our movie. What did I choose for our date? I visited our Redbox and rented “Life As We Know It” (You can see a trailer here. )I have been wanting to see this movie! Looked like the perfect movie for a date night.

So what did we think? “Life as We Know It” was LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY!

If you have been a parent for even a day you know that a child changes everything! That is exactly what Eric and Holly found out. But what was really unique about their situation was that hated each other! They had known each other for years. Their best friends are married and even set them up for a blind date at one point. They did not even make it out of the driveway. Then a few years later their best friends die suddenly and leave their daughter to Holly and Eric (together). The movie is how they cope with their greif, their new responsibility of rasing a child and building a life together. Do they fall in love? I will NOT tell you that! You will have to see for yourself.

Life As We Know It is awesome! I want to buy it and watch it several more times! I laughed and cried! I love a movie that is that emotional and powerful!

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