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It is summertime and the kids are constantly looking for something fun to try! I am constantly looking for something new and fun for them that is also cheap! This weekend I had the idea to let them try something new and break out of our ordinary routine. We do a lot of picnics during the summer. I always pack their lunches and head out. But not today!

Today I wanted them to use their imagination and create the weirdest yet tastiest sandwich ever. I called it “The Weirdest Sandwich Experiment.” What would these two kids come up with if there were no rules or guidelines? I didn’t have time to go grocery shopping but thankful we have a Murphy Usa in town that is perfect for these quick trips! I went without the kids so that it would be more exciting at the picnic. You can see my full shopping experience in the slide show below or here.

I picked up two of my favorite items Coke and Pringles. I also did some searching and found really cheap gummy worms and rings and then discovered the skittles were on sale! Score! Lastly, I got something for my weird sandwich, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos! I then headed home to grab a few things like bread and plates and loaded up the kids.
We went to our neighborhood entrance where there are  tables, water and ducks.I set up for the experiment and let them go crazy with it!

My daughter created a flower using the gummy rings and skittles and then she filled the inside with gummy worms. My son was really just enjoying eating the candy so together, my daughter and I, created a silly face with hair! I must say it was really funny! Then I did my weird sandwich. It is actually one I have loved for years! I combine peanut butter and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Yes it sounds “weird”! But oh it is so good!

We had so much fun do this! It was one of our best impromptu activities this summer! You should give it a try! Forget about the healthy lunch you serve every single day and let them have fun just today! You can go back to the carrots and broccoli tomorrow. What is your favorite “weird sandwich”?

Disclosure:This shop/project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.All views/opinions are my own.


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