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This weekend my husband and I were discussing shaving. I know what a pain it is for women to shave their legs but how do men feel about shaving? I was guessing he hated it since he only shaves when he has to. Thankfully his work has a strict dresscode so he has to shave the first day of the work week. But any other time he will go for as long as possible. If you are like me you may be thinking “What is the big deal?” So I decided to ask. And he agreed to share…

1. “It is hard to shave around the goatee. ”

NOTE: I needed for him to explain this one. He explained that razors are not his friend when it comes to keeping the goatee in perfect shape. One wrong move and it is crooked and he has a whole new problem to deal with.

2. “I hate razor burns and cuts.”

3. “I hate the clean up.”

NOTE: Yes I ask him to clean up his hair! I just won’t do it!

4. “I can only use certain mens shaving products and you got the wrong one.”

5. “If I have no more blades and the one I am using gets dull and full of hair it pulls the hair while I shave. That hurts!”

As you can see 2 of the 5 are things that I now know to fix to help encourage shaving more often. I had no idea before. It sounds like the products he uses are very important to him. Now I can start stocking up on the right stuff! 🙂  I can not help with the cuts, burns and goatee issue. And I will not help with the clean up!

I am very glad I asked. It is nice to hear his side sometimes.What do you think? Does your husband like to shave? Have you ever asked why or why not? You might be surprised at his answer.

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