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Depression Is Normal But When Does It Stop Being Normal?

Depression is something I am talked about often on this site. I suffer with it and want to share my story in hopes of helping others . So many of us experience depression. In fact, according to the WHO, about 5% of the world is currently experiencing depression. That is about 400 million people throughout the world who have depression. That is a staggering number, considering many people won’t admit they are depressed. It may be conservative to multiply that number by 3 or 4 because it makes sense that in the current climate, many more people are feeling depressed. The pandemic and the other challenges like losing your job and relationship stress can mean that depression is unavoidable. There are so many different ways to combat depression out there and whether you choose therapy or you find yourself in the depths of learning about the side effects of Spravato, you have options. Depression is a normal thing, but it’s not okay that you don’t feel okay – you deserve to feel well and you have to know what the limits are. It’s normal in one sense but we all want to know, when does it cease being ‘normal’ and when does it become a real problem?

When you cognitively lack creative solution-making

Depression is normal when you are having a bad day, week or month. Something may have happened such as your dog dying or perhaps one of your family members dying, then getting into a car crash, or splitting up with your partner, and not having confidence in your body image, etc. however, most of the time we know that we will grieve, learn to adapt to losing our pet or family member and that you will heal from a crash and you will find someone new. It’s when we cannot see a way out of these issues, cognitively speaking, that depression stops being normal. Creative problem-solving is a human trait and everyone has some capacity for it. It’s when we find it hard to tap into this part of our brain that depression has invaded most of our thinking and cognitive space.

When you feel like you need help

Sadly, many people deal with depression on their own and usually, they can find a way out. But others need help and when you don’t think you have help or cannot reach out to someone, that is when it can feel like depression is no longer something temporary. But there is always treatment for depression if you look in the right place. Since 1962 this company has been a primary caregiver, meaning it is recommended by doctors and insurance companies to do the main body of treatment and care. They also provide substance abuse care, such as drugs and alcohol. They have a historic and beautiful facility where you can enter into a new space and meet new people.

It’s your first thought

When you wake up, depression-inducing thoughts should not be your first hurdle to jump over. When this is the case, it can feel like depression is all you experience when it’s not. It’s just how your mind has become trained to think and it can be reversed. You should consider thinking only good thoughts before you go to sleep. Doing about 30 minutes of yoga or meditation 1 hour before you go to bed is recommended.

Depression is something we all experience but it should never become ‘normal’. Hopefully, you know now what the signs are and you can begin to turn it around. 

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