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When Your Mind Lies To You

I’ve shared before about my battle with depression. It is a daily battle and right now I am really struggling to find the strength to continue fighting this battle.

You see depression causes your mind to lie to you. Depression is a big fat liar.

Lies your mind tells you….

You are not enough

You are worthless

You can’t do this

You have lost

You can’t be happy

You don’t deserve to be happy

You are a failure

Others notice your failures

Others are disappointed in you

Lies. All lies.

Depression is mean and tries to trick you. And it is a strong force. Some days I believe these lies.

Why am I sharing this? Because I know I am not alone. Others are experiencing this too. I want you to know you are amazing and you are loved. You do deserve to enjoy life. You are enough. And you can win this battle.

Do not give up.

This week I had a meltdown at the Dr and explained I was tired of fighting. And I was. I am.

But not fighting is not an option.

Life is worth fighting for. If you are too tired, find someone to help you fight.

People don’t know how to help. We have to tell them. Please reach out and ask for the help and support. There are resources if you feel alone. Don’t believe the lies and don’t fight alone.

Heather Brummett

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