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I recently shared a beautiful easy diy fall garland tutorial. If you want to add a little jazz to your garland or to any craft, a great way is tassels! Here is a quick and easy diy tassels tutorial. The possibilities are endless with these.

Easy DIY Tassel Tutorial

Easy DIY Tassels

To make your tassels you will use yarn. Mine came from the Dollar Tree. For this tutorial I did small tassels.

Easy DIY Tassels Tutorial

I used my hand as the form. If you want longer tassels you could use cardboard but to size.

Simply wrap your yarn around your hand until you have the thickness you want. There is no right or wrong here.

Then cut the end.

Tip- Secure the first end between your pinky and ring finger.

Next you want to cut another string about the length of the tassel and gather your tassel at the top. Tie the yarn around your bundle about 3 times in a tight knot.

Last cut the ends and then make sure they are all even.

Last take some twine or ribbon and loop through the top hole. This is how you will secure it to your project. I made mine long so the twine will show. But you can cut shorter if you prefer a cleaner look.

TAH- DAH! All done! Super easy! This is my favorite easy diy tassels tutorial and can be used on crafts all year long!

Easy DIY Tassels Tutorial
Easy DIY Tassels Tutorial

Here is an how to video.

Be sure to check out the easy diy garland tutorial too! This makes a cute addition to the farmhouse garland!

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