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Easy Preschool Church Craft: Crosses

If you are looking for an easy preschool church craft, this is it! This cross is easy and fun for little hands! Easy Preschool Church Craft: Crosses

For this project we used:

  • Construction paper
  • white paper with a cross outline
  • glue


Ask the kids to tear the construction paper into small pieces. The kids LOVED this part! It took about 30 mins. If you are short on time, I would do this ahead of time. You can also use scissors.

Easy Preschool Church Craft: Crosses

Ask them to pick their favorite colors for their cross.

Easy Preschool Church Craft: Crosses

If you have young preschool aged kids you should place glue in the crosses for them. If they are older, they can use the glue. Easy Preschool Church Craft: Crosses

Have them place the torn pieces in the cross outline. Easy Preschool Church Craft: Crosses

Let dry.Easy Preschool Church Craft: Crosses

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