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Finding Room For a Bit of Gratitude in Daily Life

Life always comes with its challenges, setbacks, and tragedies – but life also can and should be a beautiful experience that contains plenty of moments of laughter, joy, and excitement.

It’s been said before by spiritual leaders and secular commentators alike, that everyone has at least something in their life to feel a sense of gratitude for.

Taking time over the course of your everyday life to reflect regularly on what you have to be grateful for is an exercise that may well help to significantly boost your overall sense of well-being, and to remind you not to be overly disheartened, or to become overly bitter.

Here are just a few suggestions for finding room for a bit of gratitude in daily life.

Pause regularly to appreciate good things when they’re happening

Taking time to actually notice and savour good things when they’re happening to you is one of the best ways of making room for gratitude in your life.

These good things don’t need to be huge events, either.

Simply taking the time to prepare and savour this teriyaki chicken stir fry recipe, Or any other meal that you genuinely enjoy, can add a note of brightness to your day.

If you happen to be up before sunset, taking a few minutes out of your day to watch dawn wash over the horizon can, likewise, be a genuine cause for happiness and gratitude.

There are little blessings and moments of beauty spread throughout everyday life, but you need to actually be present and mindful enough in order to notice and appreciate them.

Stay active and experience new things, instead of getting stuck in the same old cycles

If you are stuck in the same old cycles, day in and day out, and your life lacks any real variety, you might struggle to stay in touch with a sense of the beauty and excitement of life – and you may struggle to feel gratitude, too.

Staying active, and adopting a proactive orientation towards life as a whole – where you’re constantly striving to do and experience new things – can be very powerful when it comes to keeping you enthusiastic, and giving you a clear sense of gratitude.

Setting foot in a beautiful new locale that you’ve never explored before, for example, can certainly help to encourage feelings of gratitude and positivity.

Put aside a bit of time at the end of each day to reflect on things you’re grateful for

Deliberately setting aside a bit of time at the end of each day to consciously reflect on the things that you’re grateful for has the potential to transform your entire attitude to life.

Before settling in for the night, sit up for a while and remember the events of the day as they unfolded.

What good things happened? What are you grateful for? And, also, what would you do differently tomorrow?

This kind of evening exercise can add a lot more intentionality, and a richer sense of purpose, to each day.

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