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Frugal Fun for Kids – Fishing for Knowledge

Sharon at Mom on Dealz has an awesome project to share with us this week. Be sure to stop by and thank her for sharing! This is a great idea that is both fun and educational. I love that my 4 year old and 1 year old both can enjoy this game as well as learn at the same time!

This is an activity I did during center time in the classroom and the kids LOVED it!  It can be adapted for just about any subject but I am giving directions for early literacy skills. 

Letter/Sound Fishing

**fishing set from Dollar Tree
**10-15 paper clips

1. Either use the paper to cut out fish shapes or small squares as shown in the picture above. 
2.  Label the shapes with letters, letter sounds, or sight words. If you use the plastic fish, tape the squares onto them.  You can also use permanant marker to write on them but I prefer taping the paper and then I can always remove it later to do a different skill.  If you are using homemade paper fish then clip the paper clips on the fish after you label them.
2.  Have your child “fish” and identify what they have “caught”.  You can have them tell you the letter, the letter sounds, words that begin with that letter, or even have them put the letters in alphabetical order after they have all been caught.

**You could also make your own “fishing pole” by using a popsickle stick, string, and magnet if you want to save any more money!

Also using her history of teaching she has created some great modifications for this game. You can change it up depending on the child’s skill level and age. Visit MomonDealz here for these ideas.

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