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If your child’s birthday is coming up, then it’s only natural that your first thought is going to be throwing a party. However, with the pandemic still being very much an issue for most parents, it’s not likely to happen. This can be a little heartbreaking for our kids, of course, but it doesn’t mean that their birthday is canceled. Far from it, there are still plenty of great ways to have fun for their special day and make it an occasion worth remembering! A virtual birthday party is an option but here are some really fun birthday ideas that don’t require a party at all.

How to have a virtual birthday party

Take a camping trip instead

Camping trips can be a fantastic memory for your children to have when they’re older. It’s your opportunity to get away from all the familiar (and boring) parts of daily life and to appreciate spending some time with the family out in the wilderness. Even better if you leave your phones and tablets behind (except for any you might need for emergency contact, of course.) Whether you go exploring your nearest national park, spend time fishing in the river or lake, identifying all the flora and fauna that you spot, or simply have fun chatting by the campfire with some marshmallows over it, you can offer your child a unique and highly worthwhile experience.

Head out for a day trip by the beach

If you expect the weather to be just fine when your kid’s birthday fits, then why not take advantage of it? For a lot of people, there’s only one thing that goes perfectly with sunny days and that’s the beach, If there’s one nearby you, why not pack up for a day trip and enjoy the special day swimming, surfing, walking, and collecting seashells? You can even prepare a special birthday picnic full of your kid’s favorite treats. If a day trip isn’t available,e then you might want to look at beach resorts that you might be able to hit up, instead. These come with that extra level of vacation-goer service to help your kid feel really spoiled on their big day, too.

Make it a super-indulgent movie night

If your child loves nothing more than their favorite cartoons, superhero movies, or anything like that, then why not make the day about everything that they love? Taking a day out to go to the movies can be made extra special by letting them get any movie snacks that they might want or giving them plenty of time (and a little cash) to enjoy playing all the various arcade games before or after the screening. Of course, you can set up a fantastic movie screening experience at home, as well. This can be made even more special by getting the blankets out, preparing all their favorite treats in advance, and decorating your home theater area especially for them.

See the animals at the zoo

There are very few children who don’t love the opportunity to get up and personal with some of the animals they have always admired and enjoyed pretending to be but have never had the opportunity to meet. There are many fantastic zoos, and many of them are situated in cities, so you could make a zoo trip part of a city break. If your child is old enough, then make sure that you make the trip extra special by choosing a zoo that allows for special services such as allowing them to feed some of the animals that they visit. A great choice for those children who can’t get enough of pretending to be all kinds of beasties.

Solve the riddle with them

Now, this one mostly applies to slightly older kids, adolescents, or teenagers, who might want a birthday that’s a little more engaging mentally. If your kid loves to figure out puzzles or simply enjoys using their imagination and getting into a scene (especially those theater kids), then an escape room might just be the perfect thing for them. Escape rooms can differ in theme, decor, and the specifics of the challenge, but the idea is usually always the same. There’s some sort of looming catastrophe that’s going to hit, and the people inside the room need to work through the clues to solve puzzles, each puzzle bringing them closer to getting out of the room and winning the day.

Go have an off-road adventure with them

Does your child love to play with trucks and cars? Or perhaps they’re a good deal older and they’ve started to show an interest in the real thing? This isn’t a suggestion that you let them behind the wheel or your vehicle by any means, but there could be ways to help get the thrill and experience of driving. It can be made even more fun by challenging all the bumps and bounces of off-roading. Off-road driving experiences for kids are becoming more popular, so you may very well be able to find a few options in your area that takes them on courses that are designed to be totally safe but totally thrilling on top of it.

To the land of dreams

If you have the money to pay for it and you don’t mind a day amongst some (managed) crowds, then it may very well fulfill a child’s dream for you to go to one of the Disney resorts throughout the country. These places can offer a truly magical experience, with a plethora of rides for people of all ages and inclinations, a day full of shows and exhibitions, the opportunity to meet with their favorite characters (not to mention your own childhood favorites), and more. Just do be aware that Disney resorts are always very much in demand, so you are going to need to organize things well ahead of time to make sure that you can get your place.

Have a day of wonder and learning

If your child is the curious sort with a natural inclination towards nature, science, and technology, then why not craft a day entirely around those interests? Those kinds of kids might be especially interested in some of the science museums in the major cities across the country. Many of these museums know well that they have young hearts and minds to capture and, as such, will host all kinds of phenomenal displays and interactive exhibitions that are designed to delight and excite as much as they are meant to teach. Any museum with a planetarium can offer a wonderful galaxy-exploring end to your day of learning and excitement, too, as well as some souvenirs to take with you.

Make it a spa day at home

You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money or even need to leave your own home to make the birthday special. Asides from making them a special birthday dinner (of whatever their favorite is) and making sure they get a slice of birthday cake, you can spoil your child by treating them at home. Kids love to emulate their parents and if they love all things beauty and comfort, then they will have a great time indulging in a home spa day with you. There are tons of DIY spa kits you can find and make to give your kid (and yourself) a wholly relaxing pampering.

A birthday doesn’t have to be about the party. Just make sure that you make the day fun, special, and memorable by doing something out of the ordinary and lavishing your kid with plenty of love and attention. Hopefully, some of the ideas above are nice and convenient for you.

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