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Healthy head of hair – over 40s tips

Healthy head of hair - over 40s tips

Time waits for no woman. Try as anyone might to stop the runaway train of age, the clock simply doesn’t have a pause button. However, most clocks – especially on our trusty smartphones – do come with a snooze button. You see, one of the first indicators of age is dull and lifeless hair. When you notice your hair starting to look a little less than full (maybe you’ve seen a photograph from five years ago where your hair looked hot to trot), you might start to wonder what treatments are available to breathe new life and vigour into your much-loved locks. Keeping hold of youthful looking hair for as long as possible needn’t be an uphill task that requires weekends away to spa retreats that offer 12-hour rejuvenation procedures that you’ve never heard of. The fact is that hair will grow as strongly as it can if it’s given the right conditions. That being said, there are ways you can help things along…

Thickness in a bottle

Hair thickener that works is worth its weight in gold. I can distinctly remember my mother using a hair thickening spray that was, to my mind (and for all intents and purposes) nothing more than a thin film of glue. When straighteners were applied, a waxy sort of cobweb effect appeared in the hair, with stringy chemical strands of probably toxic gooey goop trailing in the air when the straighteners were pulled away. No thanks. What you need is a well-balanced water soluble daily hair thickener that’s gentle enough for everyday use and strong enough to make an impact. Remember, if it doesn’t wash out and weighs your hair down, that’s just one more battle your hair has got on its hands against looking vibrant. 

What’s hair made of?

Your hair is made of two things: science and water. We’ll get to the science in a moment. First, the water part of your hair equals about 25% of the total makeup of each and every strand. If you’re not drinking enough water, you can’t expect your hair to grow to its luscious full potential. Health blogs the world over insist that drinking enough water is great for hair for this very reason. Now, the science part is taken care of with diet. If you’re eating too much chocolate and not paying enough attention to hair vitamin supplements, you’re not giving science a chance. 

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