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Holiday Traditions: A Look Back and A Look Forward

As we approach Thanksgiving I see things changing. People and traditions have always been at my heart and soul. This year things are changing.

I passed by this beautiful photo that hangs on my wall. One person I have not talked about online before is my one of a kind Grandad. Let me tell you! He was everyone’s Grandad! He made everyone feel like they were the most special person in the world. There was not a single person who could not come to him needing a talk. He carried around laminated scriptures to share at any time. He was the kind of man who truly never judged a soul! He whole heartedly loved all people! And oh, he could make even the worst situation funny! The funniest man I ever knew! We didn’t mind sharing him because he was too awesome not to!

I remember as I got older and gained weight and he started to age I would ask “am I too heavy”? Because, you see, he was the grandpa who had the most inviting lap! I was twenty something and way too big, but he didn’t care. I would still sit on his lap for a good hug and chat! And his answer to my question about being too heavy was “never!”. Though I know it must have been uncomfortable . Lol The photo of us above was taken at one of our last Thanksgiving meals together. Me on his lap! His health was deteriorating. But that didn’t stop his smile from filling the room!

His love for his family was something that is unique these days. He was the glue! He was the man! He was the man in my life who met my now husband. He took on the father role. Joel joined us for Christmas at their house the year before we married. He loved on Joel like he was his own! My grandparents always made Christmas something so special! Years and years of beautiful memories and moments that I can still feel!

We have always tried to carry on as many as those traditions as we could over the years. Because, the love of family is deep in us.

So as I sit here now trying to decide what memories do I want my kids to have and hold on to? What special traditions do I want to start? Or do we start totally untraditional holidays? I’m torn. Times are changing. Life is changing. I am holding on so tight to traditions that just might not work anymore. But at my core is our family! Just like my Grandad, our family is everything and I want my kids to feel that too!

My heart is sad at the thought of change but that is life! It will always be changing. We change. We move. We grow. We evolve. We change roles.

So now my kids are getting older and I want to cling to every single moment I have with them. I am left to create new incredible memories. I want to! I need to! I want them to look back, like I do, and say wow I remember that time! That was an awesome time! And maybe just maybe they will want to come home for the holidays. Or maybe Joel and I will travel to them. Either way, I realize we have one precious life to live on this earth.

Don’t be stressing about or tied down to the way it always was. Start something new! Maybe you can’t make everyone happy but holidays are about love and the people that surround you! Not the food, traditions, or any of the other details!

So now, it’s time to create new memories and maybe some new traditions. But most importantly memories- YES!

I hope you can make beautiful memories for you and the ones you love this year and every year to come!

Heather Brummett

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  1. Heather your grandpa was the best. I loved to hear him pray. His prayers were just like he was sitting at Jesus feet having a nice conversation. ❤️❤️ Happy Thanksgiving and new traditions.

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