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As a part of our Holiday Gift Guide we are featuring GoSili® Silicone Cups and Straws! These are more than just cups and straws! They are on a mission to encourage people to use less plastic that ends up in the oceans and landfills, known as waste. They wanted to created a better option that was fun, made to last, and safer for your family and the earth. GoSili® is creating a cultural shift away from the overuse of “throw away” plastics.

Smart, simple design meets amazing functionality! GoSili®‘s patented technology is a new drinking experience and is the perfect alternative to waste. GoSili® Silicone Cups and Straws are incredibly durable and meant to last a lifetime. All components of the GoSili® cup are dishwasher and microwave safe meaning you can clean or do a quick reheat on your way to a meeting, out the door, or after a crazy morning!

GoSili® Silicone Cups and Straws

There are 2 tumblers that my family loves! GoSili® 16oz Silicone Tumbler / Coffee Cup and the GoSili® 16oz Silicone Straw Tumbler with Soft Eco-Friendly Reusable Silicone Drinking Straw. Both shown above.

GoSili® Silicone Cups and Straws

Why Silicone? Silicone is more durable, and more ocean-friendly than plastic. It lasts longer and stands up better against heat and cold than plastics. It’s also safer for your family, too, with no toxic chemicals like BPA to worry about. All GoSili items are 100% silicone. It is stain-resistant, hypoallergenic, and has no open pores to harbor harmful bacteria.

GoSili® Silicone Cups and Straws

GoSili® offers a variety of  Eco-Friendly Reusable, Silicone Soft Drinking Straws in different styles, pack sizes, and sizes. The GoSili® 8″ Silicone Straw with Travel Case is brilliant and a wonderful lifesaver, especially with my concern about germs. All GoSili® Eco-Friendly Reusable, Silicone Soft Drinking Straws are made with soft, nontoxic, eco-friendly, 100% platinum silicone

GoSili® Silicone Cups and Straws

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