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The question of why companies should work with bloggers comes up a lot and there are so many reasons. It is a remarkable way to reach the modern consumer through social media. Everything is on the internet today in some form or another. People are very honest about the good and the bad in services and products via social media, forums, blogs, etc.  Bloggers are a huge part of the internet world and can be your gateway into this world. They can be the ones to put your name in the online spotlight.

Infinite Reach:

Each blogger has a reach that exceeds just their stats or follower count. When a company works with a blogger they are reaching much further than they can measure due to the wonderful world of social sharing.  Bloggers have an enormous amount of influence. I have discovered that bloggers stick together and are huge support for one another. When a blogger, such as myself, has a passion for a company or product we are quick to spread the word to other bloggers who in turn spread the word to their followers and so on. From this point the news becomes viral. There is no real way to measure the true reach a blogger may have.


Working with bloggers is an affordable option for incredible advertising. There are companies who still believe that bloggers should work for free. They would like for bloggers to promote their contest, product or mission without compensation. I would say they should proceed with caution because that is not taken well from established bloggers. There are many things involved in promoting a company, product, contest etc. Bloggers spend hours preparing a post or newsletter. They generally do so with tools that they are paying for including hosting and newsletter services. Just as a company representative is being paid to ask for the promotion, the blogger should be paid for doing the promoting to the followers that they have worked hard to get. I have found that most bloggers are happy to work with companies who acknowledge their influence and offer to compensate them for their work in some way. Compensation can range dramatically but can include products, gift cards and more. Regardless of the compensation it is a very affordable option compared to other advertising options.

Blogger Reputation & Audience:

The company is also getting access to the bloggers thousands of followers that they spent time and work to build up. Those followers support the bloggers because of how they represent themselves and companies. As bloggers we take this very seriously. Before promoting anything most bloggers want to know if it is really the best thing for their readers. Bloggers have the ability to generate buzz and engage their readers with your product or company as the topic. That is very powerful and will spread quickly through the modern world of social media.

Ted Rubin, a leading social marketing strategist and Chief Social Marketing Officer at Collective Bias says it very well:

Bloggers know how to build relationships with their audience. In this social media age, relationships are key to effective marketing.  Bloggers know how to express themselves in a very authentic and genuine way, so their interactions go well beyond a one-time impression – their readers keep coming back because they TRUST the Bloggers and are HEARD by the Bloggers.  This is a marketing goldmine for your brand, so make sure you handle the Blogger relationship as the incredibly valuable resource it is! –

Reviews, Blogger Feedback & A Positive Advocate:

Bloggers are generally honest but positive. All of the bloggers that I have worked with will not post a negative review. What does that mean? Generally if they are not happy with the service or product they will take the issue directly to you and not to their audience. This will give you very valuable feedback about what other consumers may be feeling.  However, if they love your service, company or product they will be a huge advocate for your company! Their readers value the opinion of the blogger and will take that and spread the news as well. The good news will continue long after the campaign or review post and syndication. That is something that is well worth the small compensation that you may be offering.

Lasting Relationships & So Much More:

Lastly, bloggers like to create long term relationships and they value those relationships. Once you have a good relationship set up they are more likely to do so much more for you than you asked. Many times if a company is really good to me and I have  developed a loyalty and passion for the company I will go above and beyond. That may include extra posts, tweets, facebook interaction, etc. The possibilities once you form a solid relationship with them are endless.

Influence and Results:

In summary, Bloggers are powerful and influential. These are the people you want on your side and speaking the “good news” about your company. They can do more for you than you could even imagine. Find bloggers that have an audience that meets your needs and make a positive, respectful and fair relationship with them. You will see results immediately and be so glad that you reached out.

For more information on the value of social media and bloggers visit: TedRubin.com and Collective Bias Shopper Media (both mentioned in this post). This post is not sponsored in any way.



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