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Top Tips On How To Hit The Slopes This Festive Season

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The winter season is fast approaching, and consequently, it’s time to hit the slopes. If you want to avoid the inevitable frustration that comes with trying to ski off-piste for the first time, here are some tips on how to make your trip as successful as possible.

Snow Tires, Don’t Rely On Just Your Ski Boots

As exciting as it is to jump out of the airplane with your parachute, you should not rely on it entirely. Many things can go wrong, and you don’t want to find yourself stranded in the wilderness without any tools or equipment. Bring a knife or multi-tool to cut things free if needed, and have something warm at hand if you need to spend the night outdoors.

Snow Is Slippery, Even With Your Ski Boots On

You may be anxious about your first time on snow, but it’s essential to take precautions no matter how experienced you are. Don’t let your guard down; brought equipment isn’t enough – ski poles can be a critical part of your safety, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to use them.

An experienced skier will be able to handle a steep slope even if their ski poles are attached incorrectly, but unless you’re sure that you have the necessary experience under your belt, don’t take any chances. Bring some extra ski poles just in case, but don’t use them until you’ve familiarized yourself with the basics.

Using Ski Poles Improperly Can Lead To Injury

Most people think of ski poles as extensions of their arms, and although they can be used to increase your speed and balance, this isn’t how you should be using them. A skier shouldn’t snap their pole into their palm or onto their wrist but should hold it between the thumb and the hand’s first finger. The ski pole itself will then be held between the ring finger and the middle finger, sticking out towards the back of your hand. It’s important to remember this so that you don’t hurt yourself.

The Steeper The Slope, The Tighter Your Turns Need To Be

It may come as a surprise, but skiers can use their ski poles for more than just balance. When skiing down particularly steep terrain, they can increase the skier’s safety by creating extra friction against the snow. If you’re trying to turn sharply on a steeper slope, you’ll need to turn the pole itself so that it’s perpendicular to the descent. This will give you more excellent stability and control of your movements.

Don’t Forget The Basics When Skiing Off-Piste

Whether it’s your first time on snow or you’re just getting started with your skiing holiday, don’t forget to prepare properly. A poorly planned trip can lead to disorientation, frustration, and even injury. Make sure that you have warm clothing on hand in case you need it, and don’t forget the sunscreen – no one wants their stinging eyes while they’re trying to get used to skiing!

Always Bring Back-Up Equipment With You On Holiday

It’s important to be prepared for anything whether you’re headed off-piste or staying on the main mountain. However good your equipment is, there are still situations that will arise where you need more than just what you’ve packed into your suitcase. If possible, always carry a backup set of skis and a Wildhorn snow helmet with you in case something happens to the ones you’ve brought. This will give you the flexibility to continue skiing without too much trouble, and it’s far better than being stranded or having to wait around on the mountain for help.

In Conclusion

Snow can be an exciting experience, but you need to prepare yourself properly for it. If you’re not feeling confident about your first time on the mountain, go with someone experienced who can help guide you along the way.

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