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Is It Possible To Find A Long-Term, Flexible Career?

When we read career advice, each recommendation is often tailored to the kind of lifestyle or output you’d like to have. So for instance, if you love helping people, traveling from place to place, and working seasonally, then travel guidance, air stewards, or cruise ships might be suggested to you.

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If you wish to work a technical career filled with important projects or sensitive tasks, then civil engineering, the medical industry, or perhaps product design might appeal to you. As such, it’s very easy to separate these jobs into distinct categories as laid out above, and that’s understandable.

But what if you wish to have a career that’s both long-term, but also flexible with the ability to move in directions you wish to? What if you want to stay at a certain position for years, but not get bored doing the same thing year after year? Do such jobs exist? Well, perhaps the military is known for such experiences if you get into the right role, but it’s not suitable for us to recommend that, as that’s for a specific type of person with a specific type of goal.

Let’s consider, then, how you’d even begin to determine what kind of career can fit those most essential of provisions:

Switch To Roles That Help You Deliver Your Skills Abroad

Certain roles may give you the opportunity to deliver your value abroad, while still functioning within the skillset you’ve trained in. For example, it might seem as though nursing is a relatively static career, as you’ll be based in a hospital trust or a medical environment for some time, getting to know the patients and processes of a certain institution. Yet this is hardly the only way you might find work.

For example, many excellent travel nursing jobs are opening up, exciting for many in this field. This is also true of many countries with nursing shortages, currently, the United Kingdom is readjusting the rules for nurses from overseas to come and work in hospitals via sponsorship programs following Brexit. It could be that making the most of these opportunities could help you gain a diverse set of experiences, while also traveling in the same way.

Sponsorship Programmes & Overseas Work

Sponsorship programs may give you the chance to train, work, or support an international team based on its project goals. Overseas work of this nature may help you move to areas of humanitarian need, volunteer your skills for civil engineering projects, or perhaps move with your employer to their expansion into an overseas branch. 

A sponsorship program can be a healthy, measured means of venturing out professionally, allowing you the chance to network and set further roots that lead to increased opportunities. Many careers may offer this, such as joining a marketing team within your firm dedicated to researching the market of a country you hope to enter.

Companies With Many Specialisms

Some corporations, companies or institutions may have many specialisms to hand and potentially help you move your career in certain directions as you expand in your repertoire of capabilities.

A good example of this would be the automotive and logistics industry, where design, client management, product development, customer safety, and sustainability initiatives are all valuable departments you may be able to curate a wide set of skills within, or hyperfixate on one specialism such as the maintenance and optimized pathway logistics of each vehicle.

Employment categories that offer a wide array of roles and training methodologies tend to offer the widest amount of potential traveling experiences while remaining flexible via the amount of potential offered to you. It’s a wise place to look.

Independent Contracting

Independent contracting is also a wise way to move from a particular specialism, as you may have specific, worthwhile insight to offer based on your industry experience.

But even if you’re just starting out, this could be possible too. For instance, if you have experience in marketing and are a capable writing, then copywriting online could offer a flexible position by which you learn how to craft SEO-applicable copy, or write for specific publications based on your interests. 

Independent contracting can lead you to working for agencies or finding clients by yourself, curating a careful portfolio of work you refer to on your website. As an independent contractor, you may find that working anywhere with a good internet connection, a solid keyboard and a computing device can open your options like nothing else. This is just one example however, creative and technical consulting jobs are waiting to be pursued.

With this advice, we hope you can find both a long-term and also flexible career.

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