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I may be a stay at home mom but that does not mean I have more time to cook or plan for meals! It is funny to me that now that I am home it feels like I still stir around at dinner time. At the last minute I am looking for what I can cook. Or even worse, going to the store for something to cook. I started researching ways that I could save time and money through meal planning. I was so excited to Meal Planning as part of the Savings Angel community!

I told you about Savings Angel a few weeks ago and I know many of you are using and enjoying this community! I love it! Many of you have shared with me how it has helped you find great deals and savings! I am thrilled to hear that! Each week I find something new I love about this site. This week it is the Meal Planning and Money Saving Menus that it offers!

Each week Savings Angel will provide you with 6-7 dinner & 1 dessert recipe or idea. Many of the recipes will be based on the sales for the week. They strive to bring us recipes that are tasty, easy to make and healthy.  All things that I look for in our meals!

This week’s menu includes Apricot Chicken served over rice with broccoli and Steak Kabobs on the Grill served with garlic mashed potatoes & Cucumber Salad.( There are many more.)

If you are already a member here is how you can get started right now checking out the meal plans for the week:

To use the written Meal Plans, if coming from the Community Section:

(1) After reviewing the recipes for the plan, go to Enlightened Shopping and select the store(s) you shop.

(2) Search for the products listed in the recipe by either:

– Scanning in the list for the items you need. Some ingredients may have a ‘coupon link’ listed in the Coupon list. Look for the title “Meal Plan _________”. (The date numbers change each week.) If you click on this link, it takes you back to the Meal Plan in the Community.


– By searching via the bottom of the page. Just type in the item you wish to find, and click on search.

  • If the item is on sale, it will appear.
  • If it is not on sale, you can uncheck the “Show Sale Products Only” Box.

(3) Add the products you need to your shopping list. (Check your pantry, freezer and fridge before buying anything not on sale.)

Other Tips to make the most of Meal Plans:

If you do not care for a recipe listed, no worries! All prior meal plans and recipes remain in the Community Section. Simply search or skim the master recipe thread for one that works better for your family.

This is an excellent way to save you time and money! If you are new to Savings Angel you can find out more about being a member here or visiting my post about why I use Savings Angel and why it is better than the grocery game!  If you sign up from Living on Love and Cents you can get 4 weeks free! So why not give it a try? You will love it!

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