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Pregnancy isn’t the same today as it was a few decades ago. I mean technically it’s the same, but the way we approach it isn’t. With modern science and all the technology we have available to us, it’s a totally different process. Parents are into all types of interesting new products and methods, trying to maximize the health of their new baby. Thing is you can go organic throughout your pregnancy, you can get Bloomlife for smarter pregnancy tracking, and you can take pre-natal yoga to increase the babies bloodflow – but are you thinking about what NOT to do to benefit your child? If not, we’ve got you covered, starting today with the beverages you should avoid.


  1.    Alcohol

This one is the most obvious one, yet there are still women out there who neglect the effects of a drink. Think about it this way, would you give any alcohol to a toddler and consider it okay? You wouldn’t, right? So why would there be ANY safe amount for an unborn baby to have? Simply put, – there isn’t. It’s possible to get lucky and avoid any harmful side effects with small amounts, but why take the risk? There’s no upside, and a lot of potential downsides.

  1.    Coffee

Caffeine intake is another thing which should be limited during pregnancy. Caffeine does occur naturally in a variety of foods and drinks, and it doesn’t have to be avoided in all of these situations. Remember to keep any caffeine intake occasional and to limited amounts. Excessive caffeine exposure can seriously harm your baby’s development and lead to issues in the pregnancy too.

  1.    Ginseng Beverages

Ginseng teas and other beverages are another substance to avoid. They do have a mild stimulant effect though this is natural and hasn’t been noted as harmful. Ginseng can have an anti-coagulant effect on your body, which basically means it’s a blood thinner. This usually isn’t a problem for healthy individuals who don’t have a pre-existing condition. The problem is that during pregnancy you are vulnerable to bleeds, and in labour there could be complications too. The blood thinning effects of ginseng in these situations can be harmful, so avoid it until after the baby is born.

  1.    Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks haven’t been linked to much harm to a developing baby either, but they are harmful to your body. Conditions such as diabetes and weight gain can cause a poor environment for the baby, so you want to stay as healthy as possible. Likewise the energy rushes and crashes from abusing sugar can cause stress, all of which is terrible for a child in the womb.

  1.    Eggnog

Eggnog is often made using raw eggs, which can carry salmonella. Raw foods in general should be avoided during pregnancy, because your little ones immune system isn’t capable of dealing with these types of viruses. Using pasteurized eggnog can contain this risk, though keep in mind that you still need to avoid alcohol entirely.


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