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Remembering My Dad at Father’s Day

Me and Daddy GraduationMy Daddy died when I was 20. It may sound like I had him a long time, but it was not long enough. I am thankful he was there for my young years and long enough to make a HUGE impact on my character and beliefs. He taught me the important things in this life while he was here. He showed me how a husband and father should be. He taught me about the Lord and was the one who baptized me. He was taken too soon.363_34445122610_2876_n He did not see me marry the ONLY guy that I dated that he actually approved of. Yes, he never liked the guys I went out with. (and for good reasonsExcept for Joel. Oh, how he loved Joel’s mother and her singing talent. He knew her from the years of singing in a gospel group just like he did. YALL, I listened to my mother in law in the car all of my growing up years. I sang along to her alto voice singing praises. I had no clue she would be such a huge part of my life one day. THAT IS GOD! I have chills just thinking about it now.1782168_10151881311822611_1821910600_n He did not see both of his precious grandkids enter the world. He would love them so much. I can almost hear him laughing at his only grandson and wanting to take him to ball games or watch boy movies together. My son is a pretty quiet boy, just like my Daddy. I imagine they could sit for hours hanging out, eating and watching sports. He would teach him how to lead singing and lead prayers at church even through the shyness. He would have driven 5 hours this week to see his granddaughter when she played in the Division Championship game and got 2nd place in the Little League Division. I was (and still am) the most non-athletic girl in the world! My daughter gets all her athletic drive and skills from my husband. She is so competitive. I can hear him watching and cheering for her in excitement. He would have been yelling at the referees with my husband for their bad calls. He would think she was simply amazing.20140609_191239 He did not see that I turned my illness and weakness around. I found a way to make my weakness work with me and not against me. I did not let it win!

He did not see that I found a job that I LOVE, that uses my passions and talents. He would not understand what I do, but he would love that I love it. He would NOT be on Facebook and would not like Twitter.

He did not see that I married a man that loves God and has a heart of gold. AND he does not ask me to mow the yard or change a tire. My father taught me that I did not need to do those things. I CAN, but do not want to. And that is ok, my husband agrees. Daddy would appreciate that. (Yes, I am spoiled and he made me that way!)

I miss him. I wonder what he would think or say about my life. I wonder how he would feel about important issues. We used to talk about religious and political issues. It has been 13 years and I still forget and think “I need to ask Daddy.”

I think that is probably common. Girls need their Dads, no matter how old they are. If you are missing your Dad on Father’s Day or any time of the year, just know you are not alone. Live a life that would make him proud. Know that you will see him again one day. Find ways to keep him alive in your life by talking about him, sharing stories, sharing his beliefs, sharing his funny habits. Let his memory live on through you. He would be honored and proud!

Heather Brummett

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  1. This is beautiful. Your daddy would be so proud of you. He was a good and Godly man. And he was a wonderful father. We were all blessed to have him in our lives.

  2. This is very special. My father taught me the important things in life also. He 4 girls and 2 boys and 3 jobs, so he wasn’t always able to make it to church, but he saw to it that our mother took us and I believe he knew more about the Bible than she did. I was 18 when he suffered a massive heart attack, 23 when he got hurt beyond repair in a car accident close to home, and 32 when he passed away. I miss him every day. You are good to take his memory with you; that’s what I think good fathers would want us to do. May God bless you and your family.

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