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Showing the Love: 8 Awesome Gifts for Dog Lovers

Showing the Love: 8 Awesome Gifts for Dog Lovers

Any dog lover will happily confirm that the relationship between them and their furry friend is a special one and that means you may want to treat them to an awesome gift that shows your love for them

There are loads of unique and amazing gifts available to buy for when you want to pamper your pooch and sites such as pehomnyc.com demonstrate how you should be able to find that unique gift that has been chosen with love.

Here are some awesome suggestions to consider if you are a dog lover and want to cement that amazing bond with a loving gift.

Dress to impress

Striding out with your dog for a walk is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with each other and it is also a chance to dress to impress for both of you.

Invest in an Anderson Calfskin shoulder bag for the treats and other doggie accessories and with a matching leash set and collar, you will both be showing how you are one with matching designs.

The shoulder bag and leash set feature smooth calfskin leather and an adjustable shoulder strap so that you can combine comfort and style.

When you have to leave them home alone

It is always a wrench to have to shut the door and leave your dog at home for a little while and they might be as anxious as you about the temporary separation.

A good solution to this would be to invest in a bit of tech like Petcubes Bites.

This clever bit of kit is a smart camera that has a built-in speaker so that you can see what your pooch is up to while you are out and even talk to them to reassure them with the so of your voice.

Another great feature is the ability to dispense treats if you want to show your love even when you are not with them.

You don’t have to spend big to show your love

Dogs love to snuggle up in a cozy blanket and you might want to treat your pooch to a super-comfy fleece blanket.

This is a simple gift that ticks all the right boxes as it serves a practical purpose and you just know that your dog will love you giving them something that makes them feel warm inside and out.

Get inside their mind

You want to be as close to your dog as possible and that means trying to understand what it is they are thinking and what they are trying to say to you.

A small gift that might turn out to be a good investment is a book for you about canine psychology.

A popular choice would be a book called Think Dog which has been written by a longstanding dog trainer and can give you some valuable insights that could help you get closer by understanding them more.

Buying yourself this book could turn out to be a great present for your dog.

Help them to travel in style

One of the many joys of dog ownership is the chance to go on some adventures with them and what that means is your car is going to take some punishment with mud and mess.

A good gift to buy would be a luxury car seat cover that protects your car and keeps your dog comfortable.

A BarksBar luxury pet car seat cover would be a good example of the sort of protective covering you might need. It has a waterproof cover, rubber backing, and should cosset your pooch in comfort as they travel around with you.

For those cold winter nights

You might have your duvet or even a heated blanket to keep your bed nice and warm so wouldn’t it be nice to treat your dog to the same level of comfort?

Pamper them with a thermo-heated pet bed and you won’t have to ask them twice to go to bed at the end of the day. There is also a great reason why you might want to buy your pooch a thermo-snuggly heated bed as it provides an excellent comfort solution if your pet has painful joint problems.

The bed is thermostatically controlled so that it reaches your dog’s normal body temperature.

Share the love with this collar and bracelet

A great way to show how much you love your dog and the bond you share together would be to buy a friendship collar for them and a matching friendship bracelet for you to wear.

The collar is available in an animal-friendly version of vegan faux leather and the matching gold-plated bracelet will look elegant and give you the chance to show everyone how much love there is between you and your dog.

You can order the collar for any breed of dog and the bracelet is unisex as well as being adjustable so that it fits anyone.

A tech present your dog will love

Dogs love it when you give them a bone and it can keep them entertained for hours so it makes sense to up the stakes and gives them a smart-bone, the canine gift that keeps on giving.

If you are a bit worried about your dog getting bored while they are home alone you might want to consider investing in an interactive smart toy known as a GoBone.

It is made using eco-friendly materials and the bone is classed as being of food-grade quality by the FDA which means that your pooch can play with the bone for hours and even if they did somehow manage to break the outside, it is replaceable.

The added bonus is that this hi-tech bone comes with a smartphone app that lets you record them playing. The bone also features intelligent software that gives you the ability to personalize play for your dog, keeping boredom at bay until you return home.

You love your dog and they love you, which is reason enough to splash out and give them some treats that they will really enjoy and appreciate, if only they could tell you.

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