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Now that I am a stay at home mom I am constantly looking for new and FREE things to do with the kids. This week I found something NEW to try—The Library. Can you believe we have not been to the Library yet? So we got up at our normal  “before the break of dawn” time and I told my kids we were going to the Library! Of corse my son just heard the words “go bye bye” and he was excited. But my 4 year old has heard of the Library from her friends and was excited to experience it. 

We got there as they opened and we had great timing because  we were able to participate in Story Time. Our Library offers story time two days a week. Tuesday is the older kids and Thursday is the younger kids. I have a child in both age groups! 🙂 The story time was awesome! The Librarian really loves the kids. I admire her patience! She read 2 stories, led them in a few songs (including a cute song about brushing your teeth) and then there was a craft! Today was more geared towards the 3-5 year old but my 18 month old loved watching the “big” kids!

She read the classic “Is Your Mama a Llama.” The kids all sat in in complete awe of the story! They were so attentive. It amazes me that kids that were running like animals around the room 10 minutes prior can sit still and listen so attentively to a story. They even found the humor in the story. It was so cute!

The craft was super cute and the kids loved it! Then we headed into the real Library and I allowed them each to pick out 1 book. My daughter was AMAZED at the selection of books! I encouraged her to pick from the early reading section. Those books are great for helping her learn her letters and sound out simple words. Honestly she looked like a kid in the candy store. There were so many choices. 🙂

I was so impressed with the whole experience! We now have a Tuesday morning routine! Every Tuesday we will be at our local Library! You should definitely check out your local Library and see if they offer a story time or something similar. This is great for teaching our kids as well as get out of the house. And it’s FREE!

Heather Brummett

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  1. Hi, linked up on wonder Wednesday. I’m already a follower. Our library does baby rhyme time for kids birth to 2 on Fridays and preschool story time on Wednesdays. Some weeks we do both, some one or the other. Preschool storytime has the craft and has been so much fun. Last week they had Cat in the hat, thing 1 and thing 2 stop in. =)

  2. We love storytime. I’ve taken my kids since my oldest was 3 months old. Is Your Mama a Llama is one of my favorite books!! Is your mama a llama I asked my friend Clyde? No she is not is how Clyde replied. <3

  3. My almost 5 year old had went since he was 2! My 2 year old went for one session- Now get this!!!!: My 10 month old will probably NEVER experience this amazing FREE event.


    Because in Western New York they decided that the LIBRARY was not an important issue to fund. Many libraries closed or cut back hours drastically!

    I decided that when my youngest gets a little older, I am going to volunteer to hold a Story Time at my local library!

    It is an awesome experience!

  4. We LOVE library storytime! In Va. Beach you have to sign up and the classes go for about 7-8 weeks. They have a broad range from 6 months and up. Will LOVES the Just 2’s program! I also go online and download the words to a lot of the songs and fingerplays they do so he can practice them at home. Poor kid has a teacher for a mom!

  5. I work full-time and unfortunately don’t get to take my kids to do this, but I know they would love it! They love to read books and it’s the highlight of their night! I do have friends who are SAHM’s and I will pass this info. on to them! Thanks!

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