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Teaching Kids About Useful Car Tips

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I can’t believe I have a teen that is about to start driving. It seems like it sneaked up on us. I remember when I started driving my dad taught me all about cars. I only drove old cars and knew what to do when it would over heat or the battery would die. Back then we didn’t have phones to call so you had to learn. But I am glad I did and want my teen to learn just like I did. I think teaching kids about useful car tips is a must!

Teaching Kids About Useful Car Tips

 If you have teens in your household, they will be thinking about getting a car. It’s your job as their parent to teach them about the realities of owning a car. It’s not always about having the freedom to go anywhere you want. It’s about understanding a complex tool that can be dangerous in the wrong hands and learning about how to maintain it, so you can maintain your travel freedoms. Here are some ways parents can help them understand how to wrap their heads around what makes a car tick and stay in shape.

What the oil does

Rather than throw your kid into the deep end of asking them what kind of oil their car needs, just start off with the basic questions. Ask them what the oil does and let them learn about this. The oil is there to lubricate parts, so they can operate at the right temperature but also lessen the wear and tear. Oil helps to keep the car’s engine functioning during different temperatures. The parts won’t freeze even if it’s below freezing because the oil doesn’t absorb the cold temperature as easily. This is why car’s can start even when the windows are frozen shut. 

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What three things do tyres do?

Rather than ask your child what kind of tyres they need for various conditions, just get them to know the basics. All tyres do three basic things which you can find out over on ozzytyres.com.au if you ask one of their teams.

  • Tyres move water out of the way. This is why you see treats in the center of a tyre go vertically and around the outside they go horizontally. The patterns work together to sift water out of the way of the rubber hitting the road.
  • Tyres will also flex and bend, to accommodate the weight of the vehicle as it turns and keep as much contact with the road as possible. This gives tires their grip.
  • Tyres also inflate and deflate with the temperature, which is why you want to have a lower pressure when driving in hot weather and slightly more than normal when driving in the winter.

How often do you need to clean the car?

This is a trick question and it’s meant to catch you out. The answer is you have to clean the car according to how much you use it and the weather you face. If you drive through rain-soaked roads most of the week, then chances are you need to clean your car once a month. If you drive in dry but dirty conditions, you may actually need to wash your car 2 times a month because the dirt gets into the engine and crevices. If you drive in cool and breezy weather, then you’re in luck, you may only need to wash your car once every 2 months.

Teaching your kids about cars is useful for them and you. It saves you the headache of having to fix simple things they could do on their own and in the end, saves everyone money

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