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The Benefits of Teaching Our Kids About the Environment at a Young Age (Apart From the Obvious)

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It’s something that we cannot get away from, and for good reason. We should be more aware of our impacts on the environment and we need to raise our children as more conscious of the environment, and even if we are not, we have to remember that they are inheriting the world we leave behind. We must teach our children about the environment, but what are the benefits of doing this as soon as possible?

It Establishes Good Habits Early On

It is easier to get our children into the habit of certain things when they are younger. When they’re older, it means that they will have already made certain assumptions about the world, rightly or wrongly. There are plenty of ways to get started; www.generationgenius.com/videolessons/climate-change-video-for-kids/ provides a great starting point for what climate change is actually doing to the planet. 

The goal is not to shock them, but to make them realize that there is a real-world outcome caused by the little things that we are all doing every day, and then help them establish those little habits like recycling, keeping lights off, and using public transport that can make a massive difference.

It Establishes Greater Social Awareness

A fantastic byproduct of teaching our children about the environment is that we increase the number of skills in our children. For example, it improves critical and creative thinking skills because your children are learning how and why things happen, but also come to their own conclusions about complex issues. 

It also informs their social skills because when you are teaching your children at a young age, they are already having to learn the importance of social interactions and creativity. If you’re teaching your children about the environment, now is also the perfect time to start building their communication skills. If you want to start thinking about what social skills would benefit your children, there is a list on https://www.learnwithhomer.com/homer-blog/4190/social-skills-for-kids/ to get you started.

It Encourages an Interest in the Outdoors

Teaching our children about the environment is partly about making sure that when they start to understand that a lack of respect for the environment will result in more trees being chopped down and the world’s temperature creeping up slowly. These will help them to respect the environment at such a young age. 

Getting outdoors is something we all need to do more, and when we encourage interest in the outdoors, it doesn’t just stimulate further interest in environmental issues, but they will have the benefit of feeling more in tune with what’s going on with the planets and will establish that emotional connection, meaning they will feel driven to become more sustainable in every single way, for example, they will walk more or adopt hobbies like gardening.

Teaching your children about the environment will do a lot to benefit the planet, but more importantly, it will give our children the springboard to a far more conscious and sustainable mindset.

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