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Doing Things I Enjoy and The Day I Dressed Up (Feelin’ #SoFabulous Part 2)

Today I had several Google hangouts for work. So I did something different. I showered, put on make up, did my hair and put on real clothing. I made myself presentable. I was very productive and was less self conscience in our meetings.

When my daughter got off the bus we had a conversation…

Her Where did you go today?
Me: No where. Why?
Her: You’re all dressed up
Me: Oh, I had some meetings today.
Her: Oh. Ok. You look like you are on a fashion show or something.

It was hysterical! Me on a fashion show? That is so funny! Keep in mind that my “dressing up” included jeans and shirt from Old Navy. I was not wearing anything fancy. Then it hit me, I must be doing a terrible job of spending time on myself.

While I have not been taking time to make myself look better, I have been doing more of what I enjoy.

I went to my first Mardi Gras parade.  I wore a boa because it was fabulous and fun! I embarrassed my husband with my feathers. Mardi Gras

I went with my munchkins to the movies. We saw LEGO. I am not a fan of the movie but we had fun and I was able to embarrass them with my singing of “Everything is AWESOME!”

I went with my husband on one of his business trips. I went so that I could see new areas of Louisiana. I saw some beautiful scenery!



All in all I think I did a pretty good job of spending time on me and what makes me happy. Now this month I need to work on spending time each day on my looks. Not for others, but for me!
#Sofabulous #cbias #SoFabcon

I have some  friends that are also on a journey to feel SoFabulous before SoFabCon! Each one is doing something to help improve their life and be happier. Stop by and visit them and encourage them today. You will be inspired by these bloggers!

Heather Brummett

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  1. Way to go lady!!! Kids are so awesome at pointing out those little things aren’t they? Whenever I get dressed up my little guys call me a princess (which I would detest from anyone other than them). But they notice when you take the effort to look nice, even if it is really just a few simple things. I hope you continue to spend more time on you in the coming month and that, that added focus brings you happiness!:)

  2. Hey – encouraging you all the way here!! YOu’re such a doll – I completely understand you getting all prettied up for your Google Hangout!! Love working from home too!! See you soon!

  3. What an awesome feeling to finally realize that you deserve that time for yourself! Good for you for finding the time and enjoying it.

  4. Good for you! Taking care of ourselves is so important and yet often the first thing to go when life gets busy. Ps lately I’ve been hiding off camera for hangouts. Guess that is a clue that I need to be taking better care of myself too.

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