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The health of your child’s teeth is crucially important! Fortunately, you can read all about how to help them take great care of their teeth in the post below. 

Get them to pick out their toothbrush 

One of the most effective ways of getting your kids to do anything, including taking care of their teeth is to give them as much autonomy over it as possible. In this case, it means encouraging them to pick out their toothbrush, which will make them so much more likely to use them when it comes to tooth cleaning time. 

There is a whole range of children’s toothbrushes to choose from as well, including brightly colored ones, ones with film and TV characters on them, and even electric toothbrushes made especially for kids. 

Book them in for regular dentist appointments 

A vital part of tooth care for your child is for them to attend regular dentist appointments. Unfortunately, this can be a habit that some parents find tough to instill in their child, especially if that parent is already dealing with an issue like dental anxiety. 

The good news is some strategies can be used to make going to the dentist as a family a lot easier. In particular, choosing a practice that specializes in kids and family dentistry can help a great deal. This is because not only will they have all the specialist equipment that they need to keep your children’s teeth healthy, but they will also be experienced in dealing with kids and helping them to not be nervous during their visit. 

Use a reward system 

Regular tooth care like brushing and flossing is a habit, and just like when you are trying to establish any new habit with your child, using a reward system can be very helpful. This is because a reward system will use positive reinforcement to help motivate them to stay in their routine. 

The key to a good reward system for tooth brushing and flossing is to neither make it too easy nor too hard to win a prize. Instead, your little one needs to show that they have done a particular behavior repeatedly, but over a reasonable space of time. 

For instance, as you begin the tooth brushing and flossing routine, your child will be younger, and so will respond better to instant rewards like a sticker every time they do it. Then as they get a little older, they can get a sticker for each day they brush and floss twice, and then 7 stickers can be exchanged for a small prize. You can then make the prizes more significant, but the time it takes to get them as long as your child builds a habit to keep them motivated to succeed. 

Find fun stories to watch about toothbrushing 

Parents will already know that a great deal of the important and healthy habits that kids need for later life are covered on Children’s TV. With that in mind, finding some episodes of their favorite show that deal with learning to brush their teeth, and why tooth brushing is important can be a great learning device

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