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Update Your House On A Budget: 6 Small Things That Make A Big Impact

One thing I want to do next year is work on this house. We moved back home over a year ago and slowly I am adding my personal touches to make the house a home again. Before we moved we made the house very neutral and renter friendly. Now we are back and it is time to make it feel like home. I want to update flooring, add hanging lights, paint, and more! Here are 6 small things that make a big impact that anyone can do. These are all affordable. Some take a few days, while some only take a few minutes. It is possible to update your house on a budget! These ideas are some I have already done as well as a few things I plan to do this year.

Memory Wall

Easy Updates on a Budget: 6 little things that make a big impact. Create this fun memory wall to showcase all your favorite works of art!

If you are like me you have stacks of art work, awards, school work, etc. I decided to show them off. I purchased some red and teal frames, picked out some of my favorite pages from the stacks through the years. Those are now proudly displayed on the wall in our dinning room. It is a wall that makes me smile and makes the kids feel proud.

Photosphoto wall

One of my very favorite ways to decorate the walls is photos of the people I love. I needed to start somewhere so we made this very simple display. One of both of the kids when they were very small and one of their current school photo. We can watch them grow.


Beautiful and affordable lighting for the home

I love the look of hanging lights in any room. I would love to have gorgeous new lighting in the kitchen and bathrooms. I imagine beautiful handmade wooden lighting. It would be a small thing but make a HUGE impact. Lighting has a way of making a space more inviting and can really make a place feel more like home.

 beautiful wooden lighting

 DIY Flooring

I laid my own vinyl flooring a few years ago. It was so easy and made a huge impact. It is still standing in our front bathroom. I think it is time for an update. I am thinking tiles that look like wood. That would be beautiful. Here are my photos from the first time I laid the DIY flooring.DIY Floor Tiles

DIY Counter Tops

Painting kitchen counter tops

A few years ago I also got very brave and I painted my kitchen counter tops. It was very easy and it lasted years. It held up beautifully. I think I will do the same to our bathroom counter tops next.  A few steps and a few days are all it takes for a brand new look! Paint over ugly formica laminate counter tops.

DIY Painting Cabinets

How to paint your own cabinets

I also painted my cabinets in the kitchen years ago. It was simple and cost under $100 for the whole kitchen. I plan to update the bathroom cabinets the same way. It takes some time and energy but it is totally worth it to paint your own cabinets.
How to update your kitchen on a budget
As you can see, there are so many things that are easy and affordable that you can do. You can do any of these simple, easy ideas and bring the cozy feeling back into your home. You can add these personal touches to your house any time. It is important to me to keep my spending at a minimum and I am so excited to show that anyone can update your house on a budget!
Will you try any of these small things that make a big impact? What have you done inside your home to make a big impact and make it feel like YOUR home? Please share!

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