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Vandalism STINKS! Our Home Improvements Continue

Well the updates continue, however this time they were not my choice. Remember when I updated our kitchen to sell it? Remember when we moved to a rental house as part of our financial plan? Well…we are back to the original house. While it was being shown we had vandalism! Someone broke in and did some serious water damage. People are so mean!

So we had to come back. It was sad yet sweet. It was nice coming home but we came home to a mess! So we started on the insurance claims, finding contractors and our construction journey!

I came home to this:

Right now the house looks like this:

Oh yes you see this correctly! We have no flooring and are missing the bottom of our walls.

Thank goodness for insurance but anyone who has filed an insurance claim knows that you have to pay a lot more than they estimate. That is where my frugal shopping and diy spirit will come in! So stay tuned for lots of updates and diy projects.

Has this ever happened to you?

Heather Brummett

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  1. Being from New Orleans I’ve had alot of floods and such so I know how it can be.Thats why I’m in Denver now

    1. ugh i know that feeling we’re in washington now near the beach water damage can be the worst. and i cannot believe somone would intentionally do that do you! that isn’t right. h but it seems as if the water damage was contained some what?

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