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We’ve Got Justin Bieber Fever –Movie Review & Poster Fun! (#gluenglitter)

PhotobucketWe love Justin Bieber! Yes I said “we’! My daughter and I are both gaga for Justin! So we were so excited to see his movie “Never Say Never.” With my toddler we do not get to the movies much so when this movie was released on DVD we were super excited! In case you are a mom wondering if this movie is kid friendly let me give you my “mom’s perspective” on Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

The movie is a documentary of Justin’s journey to becoming a “star.” It includes video clips of him as a child singing and showing his talents. The movie interviews all the important and most influential people in his life including his mom and grandparents. We were able to see how he was discovered! And how he so quickly became a sensation!

This movie follows  Justin Bieber during the 10 days counting down to his August 31, 2010 performance at Madison Square Garden. The good and the bad parts are shown to give a real look at his journey.

This is the first G-rated film for MTV Films and Insurge Pictures. It is rated appropriately! I was so encouraged to see a “star” in a movie that was not full of bad language and questionable behavior! What I found most impressive about this movie is that he and his mom are so open about their faith! They openly pray and give God the credit for everything. I LOVED that!

After seeing Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, I loved Justin even more! I also felt even better about my daughter being crazy about him. Even my husband who was NOT a fan ended up really liking the kid! And then he was ok with our daughter saying she “loved him”. 🙂

After watching the movie we had serious Bieber Fever and decided to make our own poster. Please check out my this moment slide show below to check out the entire project from shopping to creation!

What you need:

  • Elmers All Purpose Glue ($2.47)
  • Elmers Foam Board ($2.88)
  • 2 Felt Sheets ($.20 each)
  • 2 photos printed on stock paper(can be 1 large photo) (free if you have paper and ink)
  • Stickers (We used foam hearts and scrapbook music instruments)(approx $3 total)
  • Chalk or Markers


How to make this budget friendly and unique Justin Bieber Poster:

1. Take the Felt Sheets and photos and apply a small amount of glue to the back of the photo sheets. Attach to the felt sheets.We could not find purple felt so we used red. Purple would have been ideal! We used a  photo of my daughter and a photo of Justin to make it like a “couple”. You could take photos of Justin if you prefer. Even different sizes would work and you could cute the felt to frame appropriately.

2. Glue the felt sheets to the foam board We did them in the middle as the main pieces.
3. Pick your words wisely and carefully title your poster. Since we used a black elmers foam board we used chalk to make the letters stand out. If you use a white board you could use any colors you like and markers would work fine.
4. I let my daughter go crazy with the stickers. Since we used red felt we used purple and red hearts.
5. Have fun! If your daughter is young like mine you can pretend you are attending a concert while watching the movie. For the older girls she can  display in her room for later use.

This is a very affordable and fun idea to do with your daughter! If you have a fun idea I’d LOVE to hear and see it!

Disclosure: This post has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.All opinions are 100% mine!

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  1. OMG she is just too cute. It’s good to know that mom “approves” it makes it easier to have a crush when she can talk to you. The poster is adorable and it looks like your daughter enjoyed making it (bet she stares at it on her wall all the time).

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