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Mission Accomplished! YEAH! It is finally true! My son is potty trained. This has been a crazy experience for me. My daughter was so easy to train and that is what I was expecting with him but I was wrong! I am not an expert but I am a mom who made a lot of mistakes! I learned so much during this! I decided surely there are other moms like me out there thinking it will never happen! So here is what I learned while potty training a boy. 

You teach twice: once sitting and once standing! So decide from the beginning how you want to do it.

Decide what to use. If you use a child potty it will be challenging when you are trying to get him to go in out bathrooms. That is when I decided he was going straight to the bill toilet.

Turn him around. I found that putting him on the toilet backwards so he is facing the toilet (just like he will be when he stands) works wonderfully! It also helps with the aim and pee goes where it is suppose to naturally.

When he starts to stand, teach him how to lift the toilet seat from the beginning. It is hard to train them later to do this!

Boys will be boys. He is an active little guy and for boys they do not want to stop their fun to go sit on the potty! That leads to accidents!

Set a mental or real timer. The key with us was going wether he needed to our not. I started with every hour and then every 2 hours. It got him in the habit of using the toliet, it avoided accidents and helped him really get the concept.

Be patient! It takes time! Just smile at the parents with extraordinary children who are trained by 1. Trust me it is not typical and they got lucky!

Only start real underwear when you are well into the training. Starting early will just lead to alot of accidents and which means soiled clothes and soiled floors!

It is ok to take a break! We had some major changes in our lives right in the middle of potty training! I was so upset because it was like he forgot everything he had learned and we were back at square one. So we took a break and started over a few weeks later.

Tell others that watch him how you do things. If you put him on the toilet backwards or he stands on one leg or gets a piece of gum after wards you must tell those who he stays with. Otherwise he will be out of his routine and will have an accident.

Don’t expect dad to show him because he is a boy. You may have an amazing dad who is great at helping his son learn to potty. But for the rest of the moms out there- I remember making a deal with my husband when I was training our daughter that I would train the girl and he would train a boy.It does seem like the obvious thing right? But when the time came it was me who was home with him and teaching him things I had never thought about or tried before!

Most of all don’t give up and it is ok to laugh! This will pass!

Heather Brummett

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